Reports from ABC Detroit confirmed that cornerback Aaron Berry was arrested last Saturday morning in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police also arrested Berry for two counts of causing accidental damage to an unattended vehicle and two counts of failure to stop and give information to law enforcement, according to ABC Detroit.

This is bad news for both Berry and the Lions' organization as both were on an upswing.

The Detroit Lions, of course, won ten games last season and reached the playoffs for the first time since 1999. As for Berry, earlier this month he was a favorite for one of the starting cornerback jobs for the Lions. Berry is entering his third year out of Pittsburgh.

Although DUIs are always bad press for NFL teams, ultimately it will not end up being a big deal. Berry will probably apologize and as long as he stays out of trouble, he can earn his starting role.

Rotoworld thinks otherwise, however, as the website reports that it will be harder for Berry to keep the job over third-round pick Dwight Bentley or veteran Jacob Lacey in training camp. Detroit wants to improve that secondary that ranked 22nd in passing yards allowed last year.

This arrest also makes it pretty self-evident that the Lions have a discipline problem. Defensive lineman Nick Fairley and running back Mikel Leshoure have been arrested twice each and another player once to give Detroit players six arrests this offseason. Leshoure has been suspended for the first two games of 2012 because of marijuana possession.

Head Coach Jim Schwartz did a great job of allowing his players to play with emotion. At times, it cost his team penalties and gave the Lions a dirty reputation around the league, but it won them games. Now, the Lions need to grow up, and it starts with the tone Schwartz sets. If he continues to tolerant bad behavior on or off the field, the Lions will miss the playoffs again in 2012.