Peyton Manning Everyone's heard the news by now. It has been discussed and dissected to death. Peyton Manning threw three interceptions in a row in the first quarter last week.

As a result, he dug the Broncos into a hole they could not get out of. They ended up losing to the Atlanta Falcons 21-27.

It was one of Manning's worst performances ever, and in front of a large audience for ESPN's Monday Night Football.

While you may think you know the story, you don't yet know the reasons behind the story.

Why did Manning struggle so much? What caused him to lob such wobbly passes? Will it happen again?

Football Nation has uncovered the Top 10 Reasons Peyton Manning had a lousy game against the Falcons. Imagine you are in the David Letterman audience for the revealing of the list. Here we go.

10. Fearful his parents love his brother Eli best.

9. Too busy trying to sell billboard advertising space on his forehead.

8. Bothered by too many Broncos fans wondering when it will be "Tebow Time."

7. His young twins are keeping him up too late at night.

6. Eating too much Papa John's Pizza. Two million Papa John's pizzas.

5. Still trying to figure out exactly what tapenade really is and tastes like.

4. Trying to memorize all his lines for his 1,978th commercial.

3. Watching too many highlight reels of Eli's game-winning comebacks.

2. Worrying the Indianapolis Colts Won't Run Out Of Luck.

1. Attempting to get coach John Fox to stop chomping gum on the sidelines like a mad cow chewing their cud.