Demaryius Thomas1. The early season doubts about the Denver secondary are evoporting. This is now a franchise with a much more balance football team, it is not all about the offense and Peyton Manning.

2. Mike McCoy has indeed got the foundations for a successful franchise. The re-immergance of Philip Rivers was again evident last night.

As he was trapped in the pocket he managed to evade the sack and make some yardage upfield before running out of bounds. Mike McCoy is going to have to assemble a competant secondary around Eric Weddle in the postseason.

Against a superior offense the San Diego secondary looked exposed on numerous occassions. The Chargers are good at controlling the clock but they need to improve on third down conversions.

3. Demaryius Thomas could be the difference between success and failure for Denver in the postseason. He has been outstanding of late, he had 7 receptions for 108 yards and three touchdowns in Week 10 against the Chargers. Thomas not totals nine touchdowns for the season.

4. Denver advanced the football down field at such speed it throws the defensive line out of sync, as a result San Diego was forced to call time outs in order to make substituions. With last night's quick 90-yard drive it appears that offensive line has stepped it up a gear as they work in unison with Manning. 

5. This is not going to be a year for San Diego to make the postseason. They still have four divisional games to come, two agains the Kansas City Chiefs. 

It remains positive for both the franchises for different reasons. For Denver they look very impressive and must be considered as real contenders to lift the Lombardi Trophy.

As for San Diego they are much improved under Mike McCoy. They will continue to improve under him but the 2014 Draft is going to be absolutely crucial for the Bolts especially on the defensive side of the football.