Peyton Manning About half the season is already over in the NFL and now is a good point to sort of reflect on the season.

To take a look at some teams that are in good shape, and some that aren't in good shape. Right now, I want to focus on the Denver Broncos and talk about them for a little bit.

The Broncos are one of the teams that are looking really good, and should continue to look even better moving forward.

Before the season, the Broncos were the favorites to win the AFC West, but not by much though.

Them and the San Diego Chargers were neck and neck to win the division. The Broncos obviously massively upgraded at quarterback getting a legend like Peyton Manning, but coming off a year lay off and multiple surgeries to his neck, we really didn't know how he'd perform.

The results are in and he's still the same Peyton Manning. Obviously, not as good as he was in his prime, but pretty darn close. 

The Broncos are a young team, and it's taken awhile for the team to play up to Peyton Manning's level, but if Sunday night is any indication, this team is starting to get there. Beating the New Orleans Saints isn't that big of a deal. Heck, the Kansas City Chiefs did that, but the most eye opening is that the Denver Broncos' defense was able to hold the New Orleans Saints and their explosive offense to 14 points.

And one of those touchdowns came on the Saints' last drive when it didn't much matter. If the Broncos' defense can play at that high of level and continue to get better and better, watch out.

It has taken a few games for Manning and his receivers Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, and company to get on the same page, but they are developing and getting better. And that's probably the scary part about all this for fans in the AFC West, and fans of the AFC in general.

The Broncos have yet to really hit their stride, really hit that peak. Yet, they are 4-3, and leading the AFC West. If they do end up getting better and better as the season progresses, that's the recipe of a Super Bowl team.

Just take a look at the New York Giants, they weren't a dominating team, they just got hot at the right time and carried that momentum to a Super Bowl win.

You can even take a look at baseball, the San Francisco Giants, a team that just hung around all season long. They weren't a dominating team. They just got hot at the right time, they got hot in September, pulled away to win the West and rode that momentum to a World Series victory. 

The Denver Broncos have the make up of being one of those teams this year. They have a solid record at 4-3, but they have the potential to become way better than that and could become really dangerous when the calender flips on over to December.