After a substantial 31-3 win over the Chicago Bears, the Denver Broncos are feeling pretty good about their team at this moment.

All of this being said, everyone who has praised the Broncos and the efforts of No. 18 at the helm, are forgetting that the savior that is Peyton Manning only played in one series during the contest.

A total of 12 plays versus the Bears is hardly anything to properly judge and evaluate.

Peyton is coming off a full year on the sidelines in Indianapolis, neck surgery, and has now got to play catch up in the playbook in Denver.

He has even been quoted as saying that he feels much like a rookie in his first year at Mile High. 

Everyone knows that Peyton is one of the smartest quarterbacks in the league, he will have no problem picking up the offense, and falling right back into being the man under center that checks off plays and throws off defenses so well. However, nobody will really know just how ready he is to step into this new role in just the fourth offense he's ever been a part of in his entire life.

He has yet to be hit or see fierce pressure from a defense, and he is already being praised as the greatest thing to come to Colorado in the last decade. Dont get me wrong, Peyton will be great; but will he be great as fast as he is expected to be.

Expectations are high in Bronco nation, Peyton will certainly have to work harder than he ever has before to meet them. His next test will be when the Broncos play the Seahawks this weekend.

The gunslinger is sure to see more than 12 plays and will have a target on his back the size of a beach ball. As the season nears, Manning's coaches, teammates and fans will begin to see his true colors. All questions about his health and his knowledge of the offense will be answered.

It's hard to know just how ready for the season Peyton is at this moment. With just two weeks to go until the real hitting begins, it will be interesting to see just how fast he progresses. Connecting with new receivers, learning checkdowns and audibles and having a firm grasp of the offense, are all things that he is famous for. As of right now, he has work to do in all departments. 

Only time will tell which Peyton we will see in Denver this season.