The Denver Broncos rolled into Gotham City on Sunday afternoon with a matchup worthy of Superman vs. Batman.

Manning Bowl III didn't disappoint.  As I predicted, this game started off as a defensive struggle, with a 10-6 score at half time.  While rushing was a factor, it was by no means the harbinger of the game. As for my third prediction, that the game wouldn't be decided by a Manning's right arm. I was dead wrong.

Being a Broncos' fan, I was excited to see Denver dominate the game and Peyton take care of business against his brother. Being that this game was a nail biter until the 4th quarter, Peyton and company kept us on the edge of our seats.

Let's take a look at 5 things we learned from this game.

1. The amount of points Denver can put up in a short amount of time is scary

At the end of the 3rd quarter, Knowshon Moreno broke off a 25 yard scamper for a touchdown. On the next Broncos' possession, Peyton Manning hit Julius Thomas for an 11 yard TD pass. On the ensuing Giants punt return, Trenton Holliday took a punt back 81 yards, resulting in 3 Denver scores in 5:28

Peyton Manning also hit Wes Welker for a touchdown in the game and finished - for blank for blank yards and blank tds

Denver has something special this year. I'm not sure that it is quite lightning in a bottle at this point, but the Broncos are really, really good. Peyton Manning is looking 7 years younger and is playing with a chip on his shoulder,

If the Broncos can stay reasonably healthy, and Von Miller can stay out of jail, They will be a force in January, that is if they can get past the division rival Chiefs, who seem to be experiencing a renaissance early this season.

2. We know with reasonable certainty that Peyton Manning has bragging rights in football's first family.

With tonights victory, Peyton extends his winning streak over his younger brother to 3-0. Both QB's played well, but the elder Manning always seemed to be a step ahead. After a low scoring affair early, the fireworks started in the 2nd half.  Eli was 28 of 49 for 369 yards and a touchdown, but Peyton threw for 307 yards and orchestrated a masterful game in the 2nd half.

3.  Lack of a running game forces Eli Manning into bad decisions.

Eli Manning is on pace to throw over 60 interceptions in 2013.  He needs to take a page out of his brothers book and become more efficient in the passing department. Denver made some great plays in the secondary, but New York's lack of a running game may be contributing to Eli's INT sickness.

Brandon Jacobs scored a touchdown, but he and David Wilson combined for only 21 yards total rushing in the game, forcing Eli Manning to try and make more plays and resulting in four interceptions finding thier way into the hands of Broncos receivers.

The Giants need to get Eli some help in the offensive line and the backfield if they expect to salvage the season.

4. Being able to run the football makes Denver even more scary.

Montee Ball rushed for 16 yards and fumbled, but the spark of the game for Denver was Knowshon Moreno. Moreno rushed for 93 yards on 13 carries and scored 2 touchdowns. His run at the end of the second half-put the game out of reach for New York.

A dominant running game, coupled with Peyton Manning, Eric Decker,Demaryius Thomas, and Wes Welker means that the Broncos will be hard to game plan for. If a team tries to stop the run, you have Peyton and company to deal with. 

It is a scary proposition for Denver's opponents the remainder of this season.

If the Denver defense continues to play as it has the first two weeks, Denver could dominate when Von Miller returns.

5. The  best receiving corps in the game played tonight.

Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz may be the best wide receiver tandem in the league in terms of sheer production.

Cruz had 118 receiving yards, and Nicks had 83.  Even without catching any touchdown passes, these two men helped keep the gane reasonably close in the first half.

Decker, Welker, and Thomas  also were very important for the Broncos in the win. Welker caught a touchdown, while Decker led the way with 9 catches for 87 yards.

I would expect to see all of these men named all-pros. They all have the talent and with these two quarterbacks throwing to them the sky is the limit

This game was closer than the score showed, Peyton Manning went off again in the 2nd half. His ability to synthesize information and make adjustments is 2nd to none. Manning has so many weapons this year it is hard to see the Broncos going anywhere but the Superbowl.

The season is still in its infancy, but for we Broncos fans, there is reason to be optimistic. This was a great win, and it remains to be seen if the Broncos can stay on this roll, but I'm expecting them to continue making waves, as long as they don't get visited by the injury bug,