Dwight Freeney Indianapolis Colts released franchise leader in sacks, Dwight Freeney, when the season ended, and he has been looking for a team ever since.

The Denver Broncos were rumored to be atop Freeney's list on teams he wanted to play for, but the talks have been quiet for a while now. What is going on? Where is Freeney at?

Freeney and the Broncos were in talks for a couple days as far as we know, yet no deal has been made.

It doesn't even sound like the two are talking anymore. What is going on? Is it Denver, or Freeney slowing down the conversation? Well, it sounds like it's Freeney. He supposedly wants a $6 million a year deal, which is crazy to everybody but Freeney it seems.

Overall, Freeney's career has been great. He's the all-time leader in sacks for the Colts' franchise for god's sake, but he just isn't the same anymore. After last year's injuries and his aging self, Freeney isn't as desirable as he was in the past. 

Does that mean Freeney shouldn't be signed? To be honest, no, he shouldn't, if he wants that much money. There are plenty of younger, better pass rushers out there that have taken less money.

Take Cliff Avril for example. The man has placed himself in a prominent category as a pass rusher in the league, and agreed to a two-year, $6.5 million deal. Freeney is six years older than Avril, and he still wants about the same amount of money. In my opinion, Freeney still thinks he's 25 again in his head.

I think the Broncos need to go another route. Freeney is getting up in age anyway. Why waste money on a guy who might not even stay healthy the whole season? I think signing Freeney is a risk for Denver. If the Broncos don't find somebody to replace Dumervil, they might see a big dropoff in sacks from last season.