The Denver Broncos season fell short last season when Jacoby Jones ran pass Rahim Moore to catch a long bomb from Joe Flacco with 0:31 seconds left in the game. Unfortunately for the Broncos they didn’t have enough time left on the clock to make a last second comeback in the Divisional Round of the 2013 playoffs. That play alone left a very dirty taste inside the Denver Broncos mouths. This upcoming season they will be looking for revenge and they will have their eyes on the gold. That is to become “Super Bowl Champions”.


Week 1: vs Baltimore Ravens

Coming out of the gates and playing against the previous season’s Super Bowl Champions is not what any team in the NFL wants to do. The Broncos are the unlucky ones this season as they play against the team who they happen to suffer their last loss from.

The Ravens have lost many players this offseason. Those players include Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan Boldin, Bernard Pollard & Cary Williams. The Denver Broncos on the other hand have added WR Wes Welker to their “All-Star” receiving core. In the Denver Broncos case it will take them a few weeks to figure out exactly who they are. They will be handed their first loss very early in the season and figure out just how to recover from a loss right away.

Denver loses 24-20


Week 2: @ New York Giants

This is one of the biggest matchups in sports today. The “Manning vs. Manning games”. Every single one of us love watching the two brothers go at it in a head to head matchup. Peyton Manning has always came out on top and he will continue to this season due to the fact that Eli does not have the superb team set around his as much as big brother Peyton. Eli might beat Peyton someday, but not this day.

Denver wins 34-10


Week 3: vs Oakland Raiders

The last time Oakland had a good team was back in 2002 when they actually attended the Super Bowl. Since that season they have not been able to find luck anywhere. They probably won’t find any luck soon and now that they have to play Peyton Manning 2 times a season their luck has gotten worse. The Denver Broncos will roll over the Oakland Raiders easily and if you think otherwise you are an Oakland fan.

Denver wins 45-20


Week 4: vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have a lot going on this season. New Head Coach, new Defensive Coordinator, new system and a bunch of new players. Everyone is just simply guessing on them as of right now and until they find out exactly who they are (which will take place a few seasons down the road) the Eagles are not going to be able to handle Peyton Manning and the Broncos. The Philadelphia secondaries the past few seasons has been legit terrible and if they continue that kind of play, which they probably will. Peyton Manning will pick them Eagles apart.

Denver wins 32-24


Week 5: @ Dallas Cowboys

Everyone seems to laugh at the Dallas Cowboys, they might not deserve this laughter but as long as they have Tony Romo and continue to call themselves “Americas Team” this type of laughter will continue. The only thing is that with all this laughter fans tend to ignore the fact that they can hang in a ball game and have some stud players on that roster. They sneak into games and sometimes find their way to the top. That won’t happen against Denver. By time Week 5 comes around the Denver Broncos system will be rolling. It will take a lot to bring them down and whatever it is that is needed to do so. The Dallas Cowboys just simply do not have.

Denver wins 20-10


Week 6: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

By this time the Broncos will be on a four game winning streak. The Jacksonville Jaguars on the other hand will most likely be on a 5 game losing streak. There will not be any noise in Jacksonville until Blaine Gabbert finds a new home and they don’t draft Punters over players like Russell Wilson in the Rookie Draft. As of right now Denver has a 99.9% chance of manhandling the Jags.

Denver wins 42-3


Week 7: @ Indianapolis Colts

Right behind beating his little brother, this game will be the biggest game of the season for Peyton Manning. Peyton spent most of his career in Indianapolis and he surely didn’t want to leave the organization. Unfortunately for Manning he had to do so when he was released on May 7th 2012. Is he looking for revenge? Or is Manning okay with what happened and understands their circumstances.

We will never know what Manning TRULY thinks. Manning has never been the type of player to run his mouth and for that reason many fans like the man. He like many other players in the NFL chooses to do his talking when it comes game time. That he will do when he takes the field in “The House Peyton Built”. He’s always played his heart out in that stadium and he will continue to do so even if it is not in a Colts uniform.

Broncos win 23-20 (In Overtime)


Week 8: vs Washington Redskins

This game will not be a walk in the park for Denver like most games this season. The Washington Redskins shocked the world last season when they won the NFC East. They have no thoughts of slowing down and are only continuing to build their team. If Robert Griffin III is healthy the Washington Redskins will be able to beat any team in the NFL if they have a good day. Come “Week 8” they will have a good day against one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever live, Peyton Manning. The Redskins shock the world and get a huge win in the “Mile High City”

Denver loses 32-29


Week 9: BYE WEEK


Week 10: @ San Diego Chargers

For some odd reason the past few seasons the San Diego Chargers just seem to not play well in 80% of their games. San Diego is what I like to call “The Bipolar Team”. Just when you think they are doing well after coming off a huge win, they lose 5 straight. I don’t understand what’s going on in that organization but whatever it is, it needs to be fixed. Denver will be a little too strong for the Chargers and the contest will end when the 2nd Quarter does.

Denver wins 45-21


Week 11: vs Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City will be the only team to actually give the Denver Broncos somewhat of a competition for the division. The Chiefs have a new coach & a new Quarterback. That probably won’t be enough to overcome all of their problems but why not have some faith right? I can guarantee you this, the Chiefs will not be the worst team in the NFL this season. In fact they will be top 15. Something is just different about this team and many people can feel it. They will not have the team to overcome the Broncos during their first matchup of the season. The receivers in Denver will be going wilds and have one of their biggest combined games of their entire season.

Broncos win 31-20


Week 12: @ New England Patriots

First you have “Manning vs Manning”, then you have “Manning Returning Home” and now you get to see “Brady vs. Manning”. Wow! What more could an NFL fan ask for? It’s like the NFL is giving you a christmas present. Brady doesn’t have the team he has had every other time they have played. Manning has a much better team than he has ever had against Brady. That alone says it all. This game will be back and forth all night until the final whistle.. in overtime.. That’s right, overtime. Not only do you get to see “Brady vs Manning” but you get to see “Brady vs Manning” in overtime! Now I know I am dreaming but a guy can dream right?

Denver wins 42-39 (In overtime)


Week 13: @ Kansas City Chiefs

Well, both teams got a week off from one another and now they are back at it for a Week 13 matchup. Kansas City has been studying the Broncos all week. Denver has been studying Kansas City all week. That happens every week with every team in the NFL but this time it is different due to the fact that they just played 2 weeks ago. There will be a lot to watch for in this game as the Chiefs try their hardest to upset the Broncos and try to show the NFL that they will not be a punching bag to the Denver Broncos.

Broncos lose 31-17


Week 14: vs Tennessee Titans

Come week 14 the Broncos will be sitting at 9-3 and be near 2 games ahead in the AFC West. The Titans on the other hand will most likely be close to 4-8 and with one more loss their season will coming to an end for certain. The Titans will do everything they have in them to beat the Broncos but it will not be enough. Will CJ be healthy at this point? If not you can count them out of this game.

Broncos win 36-10


Week 15: vs San Diego Chargers

Very similar to the Tennessee Titans the San Diego Chargers season will be coming to a close come this time in the season. They will have only a few games left and they will be too far behind in the division to catch up. Just like last time the Denver Broncos will show them who is boss and in charge of the west and give them one hell of a butt whooping.

Broncos win 45-7


Week 16: @ Houston Texans

This game could potentially be one a tough matchup for the Denver Broncos. By this time the Broncos will have clinched themselves a playoff position and the Houston Texans will still be battling it out for the AFC South with Manning’s former team the Indianapolis Colts. With the Broncos starters on the bench and Brock Osweiller in charge of the offense the Houston Texans should easily roll pass the Denver Broncos.

Broncos lose 16-7


Week 17: @ Oakland Raiders

Just like the game before the Broncos will still be placing their starters on the bench due to a clinching of a playoff birth and wanting to keep players like Manning, Welker, & Thomas healthy. The Raiders will be dead last in the division and only fighting for dignity as of now. Oakland will make one too many mistakes and throw this game away to the defense.

Denver wins 13-10


The Denver Broncos finish this season 12-4 and at top of the AFC West. Peyton Manning earns himself the “NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award”. As for the playoffs I won’t be the one to tell you Manning chokes again nor will I tell you he wins his 2nd Super Bowl. I guess we will all just have to wait and see..

-Frank Frombach (@TheNFLFan)