We might be in the doldrums of the sporting calendar, but there is still plenty of NFL news to discuss inside the latest edition of “Football Nation Today:”

1st Down: Alex speaks with Todd DeVries, the head of writing development at “Football Nation” and of www.collegefootballgeek.com.  Alex and Todd discuss how different the Super Bowl champion Ravens will look next season, and if Joe Flacco is ready to be the leader of the team.

Alex and Todd also talk about the winning formula in the NFL, and if many have overlooked the importance that physicality and defense still plays in the postseason.

Also, if Robert Griffin III recovers from his second major knee injury in time for week 1, would it be irresponsible to openly speculate about whether or not he used PEDs?

2nd Down: The NFL is considering making the playing field wider, just as they do in Canada.  This move would improve player safety, and reduce head-on collisions, but how dramatically would it affect the style of play in the league?  Would the change be too much for defenses to bear?

More information has come out about the Super Bowl blackout, and Alex says this story is a reminder that we’re a first world country with a third world infrastructure. 

Speaking of the Super Bowl, what would be the ramifications of the league delaying it next year if a blizzard strikes the Meadowlands?

3rd Down: In the “Big Up or Slow Down” segment, Alex debates whether the Eagles were wise to restructure Mike Vick’s contract, the tradability of Percy Harvin and if Tony Romo is worthy of a long-term contract extension.

4th Down: In the “Reimer Rant,” Alex tells exactly why he won’t be a watching a minute of the NFL Combine next week.

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