As though NY Giants SVP & General Manager (Head of Football Operations) Jerry Reese, needs Gary Thomas to defend him, his resume speaks volumes for itself!

Much of the published talk recently, and social media criticisms, have centered around the choices made by Reese and his staff during the recent 2013 Draft, some have even called it "Jerry Reese's worst draft" (hard to figure when not one player selected by any team has actually played even one snap at the pro level!) Contributor Michael Stewart had this to say "Historically, GM Jerry Reese has had a successful track record as the Giants' GM on draft day, so why should this draft be any different. Unfortunately for some unknown reason that I still can’t grasp, Jerry Reese just might have set the Giants back with his selections" (click here) for Stewart's full story

For anyone that questions any of Jerry Reese's decisions, before they play out, they should look no further than Reese's Bio on the NY Giants web-site"

"Jerry Reese is in his sixth season as the Giants’ Senior Vice President and General Manager. Reese is one of the most successful general managers in the NFL. His first five seasons as head of the franchise’s football operations included victories in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, a 49-31 regular season record and an 8-1 postseason mark. During his tenure the Giants have won two NFC East championships, earned three postseason berths and have finished .500 or better in every season."

Reese's 2 championships

(On Reese's behalf)
If this were a talent contest, similar to "Showtime At The Apollo", I could drop the mike and walk off the stage after reading that bio out loud! 
I'm long-winded so I don't know how to do that (insert smile).

Before I go further, Jerry Reese is not a magician and he is not perfect; Reese would be the first to tell you so! He believes in "The Giants System" and has operated within that system his entire career at the NFL level, starting with the Giants as a college scout in 1994. Emphasis being Reese came up as a scout, a.k.a. a talent evaluator that looks for info and reality that most others cant or don't see. He was Dir. of Player Personnel for three seasons before taking over as SVP & GM, meaning he was groomed by the organization to be what he is today.

(On April 23, 2013) Giants' writer Paul Dottino wrote a good column entitled "Building the Giants way". Dottino added a side-bar note "(Reese's) Worst (draft) class: to be determined" for the full story (click here) Story courtesy of

During Reese's tenure some of the organization's misses have been notable:

  1. CB, Prince Amukamara - first round 2011 (to be determined; thus far has an under whelming career in 2 seasons, with two total INT's)

  2. DT, Marvin Austin - second round 2011 (to be determined; thus far has not been healthy, has played in eight games total over two seasons)

  3. WR, Jerrell Jernigan - third round 2011 (has three catches for 22yds in two seasons)

  4. LB, Greg Jones - sixth round 2011 (was named starter in 2011, but was cut before 2012 season)

  5. DB, Chad Jones - third round 2010 (not really fair to add this kid to the list, because of freak car accident that short-circuited his career before it began, but because third round picks are expected to contribute he was added)

  6. P, Matt Dodge - seventh round 2010 (I added him as for some reason people like to point to him as a failure because he was starter in 2010 and what took place at end of that season vs. the Eagles; but I added specifically to remind people that he was a seventh-round selection, most normally don't make the active roster)

  7. OLB, Clint Sintum - second round 2009 (the poster child of a failed top pick; Sintum with his speed was thought to be the OLB answer for the next 10yrs but injuries severely hampered his on-field time and was eventually cut this off-season)

  8. WR, Ramses Barden - third round 2009 (initially thought with his 6'5 frame to be the replacement for the departed Plaxico Burress but is another injury-plagued player; has shown flashes, in particular last season during a rash of wide-out injuries Barden showed why he was a third round pick with a nine-reception/138yd performance vs. the Carolina Panthers. Unfortunately, that is pretty much the one highlight of his career, Barden has 26 catches over his four year career)

  9. TE, Travis Beckum third round 2009 (brought in as a pass catching TE, Beckum has barely contributed with just 29 catches in his four year career and too has become an oft injured player)

  10. CB, Terrell Thomas second round 2009 (another very hard player to put on this list but had to be because of his second round pick status. T2 was well on his way to becoming a shut down corner, by 2010, his second season as a starter he was widely considered to be one of the top play-maker corners in the league and with numbers like four forced-fumbles/five INT's and the fact that he ended the season ranked as the eighth best corner see (click on link for details); he was jobbed out of a selection for the pro-bowl that season. Unfortunately, since the 2010 season he has not played one regular-season snap for Big Blue's defense, he's struggling to recover from 2 surgeries on the same knee.)

  11. DT, Jay Alford third round 2007 (initially Alford was thought to be an eventual starter after a good season along with his contributions in the playoffs and huge late game sack of Tom Brady to help seal the Giants' victory in that season's Super Bowl. Alford then suffered an injury and never made it back on the field for the Giants, he is currently playing in the CFL; while he was part of the huge win, he never gave the Giants what was expected of a third rounder)

Now after taking some time to point out Reese's draft-pick warts, which was done to satisfy the needs of those that are looking to find faults, with the hard to come-by success, of a GM entering in his seventh season.

Quickly, in case we forgot, let's take another quick look at one of Reese's accomplishments:

 Reese holing Super Bowl Trophy

My brief digression; love the picture!

Warts aside here is what Reese and the Giants system has produced in the way of players whom have enjoyed great success with and for the Giants; these guys represent the reason why it is foolish to bash, what has been done at an almost unprecedented level by, Reese and his staff. Their successes make it unnecessary for me to drop into lengthy details of their careers as was done with the prior group of players:

  1. DE, Jason Pierre-Paul "JPP" - first round 2010 (An unknown by most he was taken as the 15th pick; possibly the steal of draft and the century)

  2. DT, Linval Joseph - second round 2010

  3. WR, Hakeem Nicks - first round 2009

  4. WR, Victor Cruz - Un-drafted Free Agent 2010 (some guy off the street fans now call "Cruuuuuz")

  5. T, Will Beatty - second round 2009 (the other second-rounder, the season that Sintum was drafted)

  6. FS, Kenny Phillips - first round 2008

  7. WR, Mario Manningham - third round 2008

  8. CB, Aaron Ross - first round 2007

  9. WR, Steve Smith - second round 2007

  10. LB/Long Snapper, Zak DeOssie - forth round 2007 (why on the list, DeOssie made the Pro-Bowl as the best long snapper in the business. Still scratching your head with fact that a long-snapper is on this list, think back to the Giants 2003 playoff loss vs. 49ers - for those that don't remember click here)

  11. TE, Kevin Boss - fifth round 2007

  12. RB, Ahmad Bradshaw - seventh round 2007

  13. RB, David Wilson - first round 2012

  14. WR, Reuben Randle - second round 2012

  15. CB, Jayron Hosley - third round 2012

  16. G/multi-purpose OL, Mitch Petrus - fifth round 2010

In a year or two there could be the possibility of adding a few guys from the first group to this second group, if they move from being mediocre second-third year guys and develop as was expected.

Putting a cap on this topic; no one is perfect but Jerry Reese and the "Giants System" is a model of success that many teams would love to emulate if not duplicate, if for no other reason than for the results of two Super Bowl victories in the first five season's of their GM's tenure.

There have been 47 Super Bowl champions, over the 47 years that has passed since S.B. One, Jerry Reese stands un-paralled with the level of success he's achieved in his first six season's at the helm of the NY Giants!

Considering the facts at hand, who compares?