The deep fryer is your friend and a good sturdy deep-fry kit will be your lifelong tailgate companion. It can be used for everything from donuts and deep-fried turkeys, to boiled lobsters, Buffalo wings, and seafood dinners. It's a great, all-purpose tailgate tool.

High-quality, deep-fried turkey kits can be found online at places like and at our favorite Web site, There are plenty of other places to find these online. If shopping in person is your thing, everyone from Home Depot to Wal-Mart sells turkey fryers these days.

Get one of the larger pots, 32 or 34 quarts, and those that come with the shortest, sturdiest burners. Some burners are tall and awkward. The LAST thing you need at a tailgate party is a deadly pot of boiling oil on a rickety burner. Not all turkey frying kits come with burners. Make sure yours does. The burners hook up to your standard propane tank. The turkey frying kit could cost you up to $180 or so but it will last a long time and serve many tailgate purposes.