Well, after just eight weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles are deeply involved in a quarterback controversy between veteran Michael Vick and third round pick Nick Foles.Vick done in Philly?

It would surely be one of the biggest moves of Andy Reid's career if he were to choose University of Arizona star Foles over decade plus NFL star Michael Vick.

Michael Vick has certainly had a season worthy of a quarterback controversy. He has committed 13 turnovers and thrown only eight touchdowns. He, as the leader of the team, has been largely responsible for a record below .500 (3-4). 

Would benching Vickbe the right move? With such a poor offensive line, is there any other QB in the league who could play as "well" as Vick has so far? He was sacked three times Sunday afternoon, so why would Foles be any better? 

Well, for starters Nick Foles stands at 6-foot-6 versus Vick who barely stands at six foot. So getting the ball batted down every other play wouldn't be a worry for Foles. 

Foles time? Maybe...Foles started his career as an Eagle during the preseason, where he threw for 553 yards and six touchdowns and finished with the second highest QB rating in the NFL (110.1). 

While those stats may jump out at most, keep in mind, it was preseason. There is a huge difference between preseason and regular season as the Eagles have shown (4-0 in preseason, 3-4 so far in regular.)

So with Vick at an impressive 1,632 yards on the season, and only an unproven rookie to replace him, would benching him be the right move?

What do you think the Eagles should do? Keep the vet in the game or play Foles?

Comment below and let the debate begin!!