After hearing Rex Ryan gush year after year about the best cornerback in the league, it's hard to believe he plans on trading Darrelle Revis.

But, that's just what he and owner Woody Johnson plan on doing.

Revis went down in 2012 with a major ACL injury, and the Jets' season went down the drains with him.D. Revis, injured

No one doubts Revis will make a Peterson-like storm back into the NFL. So I guess it just went hand in hand with him also returning to the Jets for 2013 and beyond.

Well, by the end of the 2012 season, the Jets only amassed six wins, but managed to finish second overall in pass defense -- without the "best" cornerback in the league.

So if the Jets really do plan on parting with their No. 1 star, and possibly greatest player in franchise history, where can we expect him to land? 

Well lets take a look at his suitors, and see who will ultimately bring in No. 24 for 2013.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Buccaneers aren't a contender at this point, so Revis would likely demand more money eventually from a team who is less likely to make the postseason.

I wouldn't hang my hopes on bringing in Revis if I were a fan in Tampa. Your team's success hangs in the future, with players like Doug Martin, and Mark Barron. 

Chances on a Revis Island in Florida? 15 percent

3. Atlanta Falcons - I woke up this morning (3/6) with an alert on my phone saying the Falcons hoped to make a move for Revis. Well, I'm sure he would love to play amongst a talented team, but if Revis comes to ATL, the Falcons wont have the cap space to pay their top free agents like Brent Grimes or William Moore.

The Falcons don't have a high enough first-round pick to offer the Jets, so him landing in ATL seems unlikely at this point. Plus, more recent reports this morning say the Falcons are more interested in re-signing their own first.

Chances on No. 24 dawning the black and red? 25 percent

2. Philadelphia Eagles - Just like with the Falcons, the Eagles were ultra-quiet in terms of wanting to bring in Revis until they also started a section at the rumor mill when another alert came in saying the Eagles plan on releasing veteran cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha today (3/6) who was due $15 million in 2013, and forcibly threw their hats into the "Revis-ring".

The Eagles are a contender (despite being 4-12 in 2012) and Revis would probably love to stay on the east coast playing for one of the league's most passionate fan-bases. The Eagles hold the No. 4 overall pick in the Draft, so Rex Ryan would probably love to take that pick, and than some to happily hand over Revis to the Birds.

Well, not so fast. The Eagles need more than just one cornerback, and the rumors about Revis-to-Philly didn't start until an hour ago, so Chip Kelly and Jeffrey Lurie have yet to address the rumors, so who knows what they're thinking. Spending more than a first round pick (Top 5 at that) on a player who sat out last year sounds pretty risky, but who knows, it could happen.

Chances on Revis in the City Of Brotherly Love? 30 percent

1. San Francisco 49ers - When he (Revis) publicly came out and said he would love to play in San Fran, the NFL world took that as a deal already done. Not that the Niners need an extreme amount of help in the secondary, but Revis wants to be with a competitive team, and the 49ers just got back from a trip to the Super Bowl.

The 49ers have the 31st pick in the Draft, obviously too low for Rex's hopes. But I know Rex still loves Revis, as a player, and a man, despite this mess. That's why I think he will give the Niners a discount (1st round/2nd round picks?) since it's where Revis ultimately wants to play (if not New York).

Hey 49ers Nation, say hello to the best cornerback in your franchise history since Leon Sandc... whoops, Deion Sanders, rather; Darrelle Revis.

Chances on Revis jumping coast to coast? 45 percent


Denver Broncos (5%)

Dallas Cowboys (8%)

New York Jets (10%)

New England Patriots (10%)

Detroit Lions (15%)

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