Well, well, well, look who's on the trading the block -- the best cornerback in the National Football League.

After ESPN announced that the Jets might consider shopping Revis, the twitter and rumor world exploded. Teams and fans all across the nation are licking their chops at what might be.

Revis, on the other hand, isn't too excited about the news, shocked in fact. 

"I'm speechless by far," Revis tweeted soon after owner Woody Johnson opted not to comment on whether the rumors were true. "..but more importantly I feel more upset for the Jet nation for having to go through this!!!"

Speechless or not, it looks like there's a chance the Jets are serious about letting the superstar go considering they finished second overall in pass defense last year without No. 24.

With that said, you can bet the NFL world will line up to try and lure this superstar athlete. 

Let's take a look at the top five teams that will pursue 'Revis Island.'