It seems as the Jets dominate off season talk almost every year.

First came Rex Ryan's Super Bowl guarantees.  Then came the FIRST Revis saga.  Then the Tebow trade.  

Now, it's Revis' turn again.

The All-Pro cornerback wants a new home.  He wants more money.  He is coming off a torn ACL.

We saw what AP did last year, but does Revis think he can have the same type of season?

The asking price for him is too high.  But as we get closer to the draft the Jets may back off of their demands a little.  Many believe Revis is not the same player he was in 2009.

After paying close attention to his holdout and now this, I think money is the first priority for Revis.  Therefore, any team that can afford him is a top landing spot.

I don't think he cares too much about winning.  Wherever he goes he will be an instant starter so incumbents do not matter either.  

In this article I found five better landing spots for Revis. You may see a couple of surprises because of their cap situation, but if teams make the right moves they could keep him for the long-term.

Or they could get at the least one decently-priced, productive year from him.  Revis only carries around a $9 million cap hit in 2013.

I didn't send him to Cleveland, even though they have the cash.  That's not better.

Nor did I send him to Jacksonville.  That's not better. Plus I think he wants to stay away from as many possible Tebow destinations as he can.

With that in mind here are five better spots than Tampa Bay.