Tony Romo In the land of Bikini Bottom, just across the street from the Chum Bucket, the Krusty Krab serves the best-tasting, finest, burgers around. It is called the Krabby Patty.

Business here is booming as the place is always packed with customers.

Meanwhile, across the street at the Chum Bucket, cobwebs are growing and there hasn't been a single customer in what seems like forever.

The owner of the Chum Bucket, Plankton, wants to know what it is that makes Krabby Patties taste so good, so he does anything he can to try to find the secret formula to their success.

The Dallas Cowboys are much like Plankton.

But instead of living in the world of Spongebob Squarepants, they are living in the land of the National Football League. A land they once ruled.

But the last three seasons have not been kind. They failed to finish over .500 and life has been hard. It seems they have lost their secret formula, that which made them dominant for years. They need to once again find their secret formula and once again, dominate the NFL landscape.

But just what is the secret formula? Who is and is not a part of it? One person who is not a part of it is the quarterback, Tony Romo. Now, personally, I have nothing against the guy. I just do not feel he is a top-quality quarterback. He is not a leader of men, which a QB should be.

Ever since becoming the starter in 2003, the team only has one playoff win. I still remember the view of him sitting on the field in Seattle after fumbling the field goal attempt looking dejected. I guess all the scouts at the 2003 NFL Combine knew something when he went undrafted that season. All those scouts could not have been wrong, could they?

Another person who is not a part of the secret formula is the owner, Jerry Jones. Owners should be owners. They should not be general managers. Those should be two seperate jobs held by two seperate people.

Case in point, Jerry Jones has not drafted anyone that has helped the team succeed. Whether it be the offensive line, defense, wide receivers, or other players. He needs to hire a general manager and let him do his job. He also needs to stay off the sidelines. Let the head coach do his job. Stop looking over his shoulder. Have faith in the man he hired.

Perhaps that will be the secret formula that they have been lacking for years. Get rid of Romo, and hire a GM, and who knows. Maybe they will, once again, rule the land of the NFL and Bikini Bottom as well.