Dallas Cowboys Trade Tony Romo To The New York Jets

By Ryan Derenbecker
April 01, 2013 10:23 am
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Jerry Jones loves publicity.

Tim Tebow can't seem to stop making waves.

This is a match made in heaven.

Inside sources in the Valley Ranch area have discovered that a trade between the Cowboys and Jets has been agreed upon and is just waiting for league approval.

The Jets are reportedly giving up the controversial quarterback along with Santonio Holmes and their 2014 second round pick for Tony Romo.

In order to create cap room for the move, the Cowboys are going to restructure Doug Free's contract, converting part of his salary to a signing bonus.  They will now have just enough cap room left to buy Jason Garrett some Advil to help him cope with the headaches caused by the trade.

Meanwhile, the Jets are in better shape in the locker room, having dumped the attitude problems that Holmes reportedly has, as well as the $9 million cap hit that Holmes' contract carries this year.  Rumors have also surfaced that the Raiders are interested in trading away all of their 2014 draft picks for Mark Sanchez, enabling the team to clear its cap of two very large contracts.

When asked why the Cowboys traded away a quarterback who ranked third in passing yards, fifth in completion percentage, and sixth in passing touchdowns last year for a guy who was left on the bench in favor of a third string prospect, the source hinted that the Cowboys are looking to go for the complete opposite of Tony Romo. 

Specifically, the executives in Dallas want a player who is a proven leader and can win a playoff game.  They need a player with solid intangibles.

Most importantly, they need a player that has the bulk to withstand repeated shots behind a mediocre offensive line.  Cowboys scouts believe there are no good offensive linemen in this draft, and management believes they need a tougher quarterback who won't need body armor when playing through broken ribs.

It's a splashy and ambitious move from a man who pulls many of them.  All that's left now is to see just how successful the Cowboys will be after this trade, and how effective Tebow can be in Garrett's offense.

No word yet on who Romo will throw to in New York, but it may include a few of these guys.

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2 years ago
April Fools Joke It has to be!
2 years ago

Jerry Jones = publicity hog.
No joke, I got this from a very reliable source that was wearing a tin foil hat.
2 years ago
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
2 years ago

Hey, it's cleaner than the "Harvard Universite" acceptance letter that was trending on Twitter last night...
2 years ago
Cowboys come out ahead on that deal
2 years ago

Wrong, and I'll prove it now.
Would you rather have that deal for Brees, or Romo + a 2nd?
Good thing you know the true story behind this lol

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