Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo Needs To Go After 2012 Season

By Jarrod Berns
October 05, 2012 3:38 pm
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Tony Romo With a contract extension looming Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo tossed five interceptions in a deflating 34-18 home defeat against the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. 

Bears fans know all too well how easy it is for a franchise quarterback to have a turnover plagued game in which almost everything seems to go wrong.

However after six years in the starting saddle should Romo's latest "bad game" be chalked up as yet another learning experience and simply swept under the rug? 

Dallas' stubborn billionaire owner and general manager Jerry Jones thinks so.

"I like where we are with Romo at quarterback,” Jones said, according to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “No one learns more from his experiences than Tony. This time last year with Detroit in the fourth game, point noted. He came back and never played better."


Jones added, "I think the Detroit game had something to do with that. If we can get the same kind of response he had last year when he had a downer. If he can come back and do that we will be fine.”

With just one playoff win during Romo's entire tenure should Dallas fans be satisfied and settle for just "fine?" Once a perennial playoff powerhouse including three Super Bowl championships in the 1990's the Cowboys' obvious decline with Romo at the helm should have fed-up fans and players alike clamoring for a quarterback change.

Although talented NFL franchise QB types do not exactly grow on trees six seasons of decent stats and next to no postseason success should be a large enough sample size for Jerry Jones to pull the plug on the obviously fruitless Romo experiment. 

Through 103 career games Tony Romo has completed 64.6 percent of his passes - 1,773 of 2,743 for 21,982 yards including 154 touchdowns and 80 interceptions.  He has also been sacked 150 times losing 989 yards along the way. Throw in 45 fumbles, 21 of which were lost and Romo's recipe for mediocrity is complete. 

While a professional football team's triumphs and failures cannot be entirely attributed to its quarterback's performance there has to be a time frame for a specific regime to achieve some sort of postseason success. 

After suffering through more than half a decade of the obviously ineffective Tony Romo experiment it's time for Dallas to say "bon voyage" to the over-hyped and under-performing undrafted free agent.

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By Jarrod Berns
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3 years ago
Did you watch the game?
I don't have a problem with Romo on ANY of those picks. I said it in my reaction to the game ( http://www.footballnation.com/content/dallas-cowboys-lost-because-their-fans/17952/ ), but I will say it again
Pick one was because Dez Bryant was the only player on the field that didn't know he should have cut off his route on an obvious big blitz
Pick two was Ogletree not catching the ball, or at least knocking it down
Pick three was actually a fumble caused when Romo got blindsided while trying to escape, it just looks like a pick because Melton knocked it forward.
Picks four and five were Romo's fault because he was trying to force the ball downfield, but at that stage of the game he had no choice. If he didn't throw it downfield you'd be complaining about how he quit.
Even if the Cowboys do let Romo walk, who is going to replace him? Kyle Orton has never done anything close to the numbers you quoted as "mediocre", and McGee is not the answer.
3 years ago

Ryan, I agree with you. What do you think about my comments ?
3 years ago
Although I can't absolve Romo for his miscues over the years, I would like to point out thaT THIS TEAM HAS BEEN OVERRATED FOR A FEW YEARS. All I keep hearing is how talented they are. Where is it ? On defense, you have Ware (who is awesome), Lee, who is a good player ( he's not Ray Lewis), and that's it. The Dline is awful. Ratliff is overrated and can't push the pocket because he is too small, Spencer, never has lived up to his potential, and our safeties have been dreadful. I won't comment on the new corners yet because they just got there, however, they appear to be solid.

Offensively, our Oline is terrible. It amazes me to hear analyst and others players say Romo likes to get out of the pocket and scramble to make plays.....It's not because he likes to, HE IS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE ! He has no choice but to run most of the time. While I'm talking about the line, let me add that Tyron Smith is average at best. That was an awful pick . When he came out, all of the analyst said that he didn't grade highr than the tackles in the previous yrs. draft. He is too small. DE's are bigger than he is. They took him at 9 and he was really a guy to take in the 20's . Even if he was great, I would never take a lineman in the first round, and certainly not top 10. Jimmy Johnson agrees...lol. Look at Clev, Mia, NY j, Oak.....They all took the lineman and have paid for it. Those teams have been looking for a QB for over a decade. Also, let me say that our receivers are solid, but not HOF material like everyone like to refer to them as being. Austin was a practice squad player, and is always hurt. Dez, doesn't know the playbook and is a bit of a head- case, and there is no 3rd receiver. By the way , Dez is always hurt too.

In reality, our QB is great. He has made nobodies into pro-bowl caliber receivers. Laurent Robinson last year, Austin , and Crayton from a few years ago. Romo has only really started for 5 seasons, not counting the half season he took over for Bledsoe. Maybe if other guys would help make plays, there would be more success. T.O. and Crayton, blew the playoff game against the Gmen a few seasons ago. T.O. dropped several critical 3rd and 4th down passes to keep drives alive, and Crayton dropped 2 wide open passes for TD's. Simply put, there are no playmakers on this team aside from him. Romo will be 33 next season, so if you wanna move on before he declines, I understand that reason. But just to say that he sucks, that's crazy. What do you think ?
3 years ago

DLine is actually pretty good, but the way the scheme is built makes them look bad. In a 3-4, DLone players are there to eat up blockers so the linebackers are free to make a play- sort of like a mirror of the offense. Ratliff is a great example of this- he forces teams to double team him all game long, and sometimes still makes plays. That's why he gets to the Pro Bowl each year.
Spencer has never been great, but he isn't bad either. I can live with him until they find someone better.
As for Sean Lee, give him another year. He's already a playmaker, and with a little more time in the league without a club for a hand he should be great.
OLine- yes, bad, although I'm not ready to hate on the Tyron Smith pick yet. I was just happy to see them pick an OLine guy at all.
I am also gonna say the same thing I said to someone else- our WRs are good. Yes, Bryant doesn't have his head in the game, yes, Austin gets hurt, but they are both talented enough to make the Pro Bowl. Most teams in the NFL are just looking for one playmaker out there, let alone two, and Ogletree has finally played the way Jerry seemed to expect him to this year.
Anyway, I am done with all of this now. I was talking to a buddy of mine (who is a Raiders fan and would love to have Romo), and he said trying to talking to a Cowboys fans that is complaining about the team is like talking politics- reason and logic doesn't matter, and no matter what you say you won't be able to change their minds. They know what they want to think, and they will twist the facts to fit their view.
Anyway, sorry for the late reply- was working last night, I'm all worn out and I gotta do it again tonight.
3 years ago
Thanks guys... Cowboys fans are nothing if not stubborn. The Bears destroying Romo in Dallas last Monday night is not the reason Romo should go. It's his six years of not winning in the post season. It may not be all his fault but he certainly isn't helping get the cowboys back to the super bowl. You should want someone new. He clearly can't get it done and now you want Jerry Jones to give him a hundred million dollars to continue on this way? Makes no sense to me. Thanks for reading and good luck with this guy...
3 years ago
I've mentioned a few times in articles of mine that I think it is time to look else where at the quarterback position in Dallas. I don't think Tony Romo is going to take them any farther than he already has. With the weapons he has on offense, and that defense? Should always be a playoff contender, if not most of the time.

In response to Ryan and Brent's comments about their shoddy o-line, look at the Washington Redskins. An abysmal line but yet RG3 can still make plays. Disregarding the fact that they are different kinds of QB's (gunslinger vs. mobile), and strictly looking at the plays where Griffin stays in the pocket and makes the throw, he still gets it done. But more than that, I agree with you when you talk about his lack of success in post season over six years. His downfall has been more than just this one game, and his departure from Dallas is coming soon. I don't expect anything until after the draft at the earliest, that's only if the Cowboys get an opportunity for a sure-thing prospect at the position. Even then, they would probably want to keep Romo around to mentor the guy for a year or two. Good stuff Jarrod.
3 years ago

Finally someone is making some sense on the Romo issue. Thanks Dilan. If I was a Cowboys fan I would be up in arms at the idea of re-signing Romo. I guess it's good news for the rest of the NFC though. Dallas will continue to stink wit him under center.
3 years ago

Romo gets it done too, you just don't see it because you are stuck in the past, when he made more mistakes than he does now (and because you don't watch the game closely enough).
3 years ago

Then, Romo should have a 400 yard, four TD game today, right? I mean, forgetting the past, if he's an elite quarterback, let's see some "Elite-ness" from him!
3 years ago

Actually, I don't think he will have a 400 yard game today. It's kinda hard to put up yards when you are on bye.
I wouldn't call Romo elite just yet, but he is very close to it. If D/ST hadn't let him down last year, he probably would have grabbed a playoff win or two and we'd be talking about how good he was at the end of last year.
3 years ago

RG3 still gets it done? five games in the season and Griffin is better than Romo? OMG...yea he got it done yesterday too when he got knocked out of the game...slow down there...
3 years ago

Not to mention the fact that the Redskins have a worse record than Dallas, so just what exactly is RG3 getting done over Romo?
3 years ago
Im not a Cowboys fan but I am a football fan and I think Romo HAS to be the current and immediate-future QB of the Cows. Part of the assesment that people make on Romo are the unconscious thoughts of camparing him to the already sucessful superstar QBs in the league. You want him to be as succesful as Rodgers, Brees, the Mannings and Brady. And since he hasnt done that, your ready to boot him out. There's lots of "fans" that are singing the same song "Get Rid of Romo" but I ask every single one and I'll ask here: If not Romo, then who do you want? No one comes up with a smart, probable or likely suggestion. You cant get any of the QBs I mentioned above. The "2nd-Tier" QBs like Ryan, Flaco, Schaub are not going to become available either. I mean, some current starters like Sanchez, Freeman or maybe even Vick may become available, for one reason or another, after this season, but if they're not the answer there, then they're not the answer in Dallas either. Oh, you want to draft a QB? Its slim pickins out there for atleast the next two seasons. Barkley may end up starting some where but he's not franchise material (see Colt McCoy). Landry? Similar. The only considerable option coming up may be Wilson from Arkansas but do you really want to turn the team to a rookie QB??? Romo is still the best option for the Cows this season and next season. Its what it is.... Ive said enough.
3 years ago
Not a Cowboy fan, but Romo is not the problem. The coach is the problem. Cowboys are not a diciplined team. Offensive play calls are questionable also. Though Dalllas should get a young'n in to compete w/Romo, you can't move him because there's NOT a better alternative.
3 years ago
Dallas was on the decline way before Romo, and they have actually played better these past 6 years with him than they ever did with Carter, Testeverde, Bledsoe...etc. Romo may be flawed, but right now he's still the best option in Dallas.

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