It is official as of Sunday: I have lost all faith in Jason Garrett’s ability to be a head coach in the National Football League – hell, at this point, I wouldn’t have faith in his ability to lead the North Texas Renegades to a Pee Wee championship.

The Cowboys are now 3-4, and the things which had been classified as bad luck or poor timing must now be labeled in the only way they can: head coach failures.

But again on Sunday, the Dallas head coach had to put his mark on the game. Even after the Cowboys spotted the New York Giants 23 points, and even after the Cowboys had turned the ball over 5 times, Big D still had a chance to win late – and a good chance at that. How good? Try 2nd and 1 on the Giants’ 19-yard line, with more than one minute left to play, good.

All Mr. Garrett needed to do was call one inside belly-draw play and ask Phillip Tanner to fall forward for the three feet necessary to give Dallas a new set of downs. But of course, Jason Garrett only graduated from Princeton, and you know what they say about people from Princeton and common sense…alright, they don’t say anything – not yet anyway – but if Jason Garrett’s playing calling is any indication, they might start to now.

On 2nd and 1, Garrett called for a deep out-route to Jason Witten – not a bad play call to try and get the Giants on their heels, but it didn’t work. So fine, here comes 3rd down, time to cut your losses and just pick up the cheap 1st down the Giants are gifting you. But Garrett doesn’t accept New York’s generous offer of soft coverage on 3rd and 1, instead, Mr. Wizard decides it’s best to throw a deep fade to Kevin Ogletree in the corner of the end zone… cue the “wa wa wa waaaaa” failure music.

But now it’s 4th down and I am pleading for someone to call into Garrett’s headset and scream for him to just run the ball. Please God, call on the emergency bat-phone Jerry Jones had installed for you and just level with Mr. Garrett. Something like; “thou hathest but 36 inches, merely half a shepherd’s staff in length, for-eth a new set-eth of down-eths….Run The Damn Ball!!!” Or something like that – God’s usually eating chicken wings during Cowboys games, so it’s hard to hear him clearly – I’m just paraphrasing.

But unfortunately, not even the man upstairs wants to watch the abomination Jason Garrett is making out of the 2012 Dallas Cowboys. 4th and 1 and he calls, what looked like a Tony Romo, roll-out run-throw option which ended in a desperation heave to the heavens as three Giants’ rushers came barreling at him – still got that music cued up?

It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so tragic – but this is not just one isolated incidence for Jason Garrett. Issues, such as not being able to get off even one extra play with 27 seconds left last Sunday, or when he decided to freeze his own kicker, those decisions fall squarely on the shoulders of the Cowboys’ head coach. If Jerry Jones does not want to do what is right and make Rob Ryan the new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, then he at least has to take the offensive play-calling duties away from Jason Garrett.

We are talking about a team with playoff talent that came into Sunday with the 2nd ranked defense in football – yet they leave with a 3-4 record? Jason Garrett is very directly responsible for at least two of these loses, and in a league where it is already difficult to win against the 11 men you are required to face, it gets that much harder when your own coach is making it 12.