Maurice Jones-DrewThe Dallas Cowboys are currently plagued with injury at the receiver position, and their star tight end Jason Witten is out with a lacerated spleen. 

With the continued problems at receiver, now is the right time for the Cowboys to make a deal for Maurice Jones-Drew.

Jones-Drew and the Jacksonville Jaguars aren't seeing eye-to-eye on contract negotiations, and the Jaguars decided enough is enough.

Jones-Drew refuses to work with the organization, so they will perhaps try to reload with draft picks obtained in a trade for the star running back.

The Jaguars are reportedly looking to get several draft picks in return for Jones-Drew, including two first-round picks. 

The Cowboys don't have the cap space for Jones-Drew currently, especially after the penalties levied against them by the NFL for the restructuring of contracts to front-load contracts during the uncapped NFL season.

The Cowboys' could potentially restructure current contracts of players within NFL bylaws to make it work in the long run. Jerry Jones is a master of wheeling and dealing, and could try to package multiple first-round draft picks over the next several seasons.

The move is risky. Very risky. And signing Jones-Drew to the contract he is looking for could seriously hamstring the financial flexibility of the Cowboys in the future.

However, the thought of DeMarco Murray and Jones-Drew in the same backfield is too tempting. The Cowboys' window is closing according to Jones. Jones loves to make a splash with big trades and signings. 

After all, if he was willing to make the trade for Roy Williams, then he should do whatever he can to make the Jones-Drew trade happen.  Restructure contracts, package picks, send back Mike Jenkins, Felix Jones, Jamize Olawale, whoever. 

 Get the deal done and it will certainly increase the odds of a significant playoff run this season.