Sean LissemoreThe Dallas Cowboys have learned the hard way the cost of dealing on the open market and even more so when they have missed on a player like Ken Hamlin and Roy Williams recently. 

The Cowboys let Chris Canty hit free agency in 2008 and he left for New York with a big paycheck, so they know the cost of a premium defensive lineman who can play the run and pass well.

In 2007 the Cowboys did similarly jump on a reserve player named Jay Ratliff with a five-year extension, that move paid dividends as Ratliff became a Pro Bowl player at a bargain. 

That extension was a $20.9 million dollar deal as Ratliff received it as he was starting in place of injured starter Jason Ferguson.

Lissemore has yet to start a game in the NFL, so his deal isn't quite as lucrative as Ratliff's with a three-year deal that maxes out at around $10 million in incentives. Should Lissemore continue to be a nice rotational role player, the Cowboys have a solid deal, should he follow along the lines of Jay Ratliff to emerge as a starter, the Cowboys will have another bargain on their hands. 

If last year's production in his limited role is any indication it would suggest the Cowboys have done just that and it couldn't be coming at a better time with Kenyon Coleman in the last year of his deal and a starting job up for grabs.

With Lissemore now in the fold along the drafting of Maurice Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, Bruce Carter and Sean Lee the last couple of years, the Cowboys appears to be forming a nice young nucleus around star veterans DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff and Brandon Carr.