Everyone loves to talk about Tony Romo.  He is always the source of the Cowboys' ups and downs- never the other 52 players or the coaches, trainers, and personnel department.

He fumbled a field goal hold in his first playoff game (after losing all his holding practice time when he became the starter that year), he went to Cabo during the bye week before losing to the Giants (y'know, because he was trying to rest his body and mind), he doesn't put enough focus into football because he loves golf (never mind the fact that he gave it up to focus on football).  None of his teammates' mistakes factor in as much as these small things.

This year, he's "careless" with the football, with 13 interceptions (never mind that nine came during two bad games, and in the other five games he only has four picks, or the fact that of those nine picks against the Bears and Giants, seven were either caused by a receiver or the game situation).

I don't blame Romo for any of the five against the Bears - you can see why here, when my head exploded - and I only lay blame on Romo for two of the four against the Giants.  One was yet another case of Dez Bryant making the wrong read and Romo throwing a timing route, while the other actually helped the Cowboys and prevented a sack when Jason Garrett called a pass instead of a run to gain ONE YARD for the THIRD STRAIGHT TIME.  More on that later.

The team as a whole causes wins and losses.  The team as a whole gives up the ball.  The team as a whole can be unfocused and undisciplined.

With every team, the QB gets too much credit when the team wins (except for maybe with Peyton Manning and Joe Montana), and too much blame when the team loses (except for Michael Vick this year- now THAT is a careless QB).  The best way to find the source of the Cowboys' 3-4 start is to break down the team as a whole, unit by unit.

The images each stand for a specific unit, with the grade as the title and the explanation as the caption.

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