Every team has its super stars and has players that are supposed to be and are expected by fans to be superstars.

It also has players who despite their on-field accomplishments never get the credit they deserve.

Let's take an inside look at America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys, and see who on this roster of stars fit into the overrated and underrated category.

Ever since Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith retired, the Cowboys have been searching for his successor but have had little success in finding a quality replacement.

They thought when they drafted Julius Jones they had found their guy but he just never worked out. Marion Barber also had his opportunity.

 Finally, in the 2008 NFL Draft, Jerry Jones believed he had found his guy. In the first round, with the 22nd pick, the Cowboys selected running back Felix Jones out of Arkansas. He had impressed and his 4.28 time in the 40 was overly impressive. He would be the Cowboys' future feature back.

Jones has been anything but the star they hoped he would be. He has been injury prone during his four-year career and although he has shown signs of greatness at times, plays his best football when relieving the starter or in the return game. He has managed just 2,326 yards and 8 TDs during his career, a far cry from what was expected when he arrived in Dallas. After an injury in 2011, he appears to have lost his starting job to Demarco Murray. Maybe Jones can succeed as a backup where he failed as the feature guy.

Replacing a legend is never easy. When Roger Staubach retired after the '79 season, Danny White took over at quarterback and while he took the Cowboys to three NFC Championship games, he never got them to the Super Bowl. Troy Aikman led Dallas to three Super Bowl titles during the 1990s and after his retirement following the 2000 season, the Cowboys have had an ongoing quarterback carousel.

They thought they finally had an answer when they signed veteran Drew Bledsoe but six games into the 2006 season, he would be replaced by an undrafted free agent out of Eastern Illinois named Tony Romo. Tony Romo is by far the most underrated player on this team based on what people say in the media and even discussions among fans. He is not even considered a top 10 quarterback by most and some people even put players such as Michael Vick and Joe Flacco ahead of him when rating quarterbacks.

The stats do not lie about the type of player Romo has become. A player should not be judged by the number of championships, especially in the NFL as so much has to go into being successful. He has spent his entire career behind a weak offensive line but in the six seasons since being named starter, has compiled a 47-29 record. The Cowboys also tied a team record for regular season wins in 2007, finishing 13-3. Romo has led the Cowboys to two NFC East titles during that stretch.

Romo is a three-time Pro Bowler and puts up great numbers every year but is often overlooked as evident in 2011 when Cam Newton, who was 15th in the NFL in passing, went to Hawaii - while Romo, who was fourth was left out. Romo also has the 2nd highest career passer rating in NFL history at 96.9 and during his career has passed for 20,834 yards with 149 TDs and 72 INTs.

Look at these numbers and tell me why people constantly consider him to be mediocre or just an average quarterback. The guy is putting up Hall of Fame numbers and should not be discriminated against just beacuse he has not won a Super Bowl. Dan Marino never won the big one either. Great players are not always judged by the rings they win and neither should Tony Romo.