Dallas Cowboys: A Look at Their 19 Free Agents in 2013

By Brandon Houser
January 22, 2013 10:46 am
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Over the years the Dallas Cowboys have made questionable decisions with free agency.

In past seasons the Cowboys have seen the talents of tight end Martellus Bennett leave only to go to divisional rivals, the New York Giants, to become a star, and receiver Laurent Robinson escape to Jacksonville to compete for the Jaguars' top receiving job.

Bennett made the Cowboys pay for letting him get away by catching eight passes from Eli Manning for 69 yards and one touchdown in two games for the Giants during the 2012 season.

Here are the 19 free agents the Cowboys have to focus on either signing or letting go in 2013.

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By Brandon Houser
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Marty B was not a talent on the cowboys he was a bum & still is .. Giants didn't make it to the playoffs so Dallas didn't miss the fuckery of Marty B.. Robinson was hurt more than he played ..
2 years ago

I'm not big on either one of them either, but you must say it took the Star to make stars out of them no matter how dim they are shining now.
2 years ago
I keep LP, Frampton, Sims and Phillips. The rest can go scratch.
2 years ago

Frampton can't tackle.

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