Going into training camp, into the preseason, and into the regular season the Dallas Cowboys lacked a big time play maker on the outside. The football season is four weeks old, and low and behold the Dallas Cowboys are struggling offensively. One of the sore spots is on the outside where the Cowboys, for some reason, didn't at least try and sign any receivers available during the off season.

You had all kinds of options in the off season, Plaxico Burress, Jordan Shipley, whomever. The point is that there were options available and for the Cowboys to not give anybody a tryout is pretty frustrating seeing the results right now. 

I look at what Seattle did this off season. Their wide receiving core was a bit of a weak point, an uncertainty. So, instead of just going with what they have, they dipped into the free agent market. They took a look at Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, and even Kellen Winslow Jr. at tight end. They at least gave it a go to try and improve themselves. The Cowboys didn't and thus, have a weak, inconsistent wide receiving core. 

Would signing Plaxico Burress, or Jordan Shipley, or whomever, would that have solved their problems? May'be not, but it may have.  At least they would have given it a shot to try and improve themselves. Sign them for a minimum amount and give them a try. They had nothing to lose signing a wide receiver in the off season. If they didn't perform, just cut them. If they performed, keep them. 

Nevertheless, having no play makers on the outside is just one of the many problems the Dallas Cowboys have. Unfortunately, they just have to make due with the receivers they have. Headcase Dez Bryant who makes a big play one out of ten times, and the other nine he'll just royally screw up badly. Then we have the average Miles Austin, and Kevin Ogletree who isn't a top receiver. At least, the reliable steady rock Jason Witten is knocking the rust off and should become the old reliable again.