Yes, J.R. Ewing brought his drama back to Dallas this season on TNT. Still, I don't think it will match the drama coming out of Cowboys Stadium this year. Why?

Kyle Orton specializes in drama and he is the new backup quarterback to Tony Romo.

You may remember Orton got caught up in the "Guiding Tebow Light" drama last season with the Denver Broncos.

After a mediocre 1-4 start, Orton was benched for the faith and football phenomenon that is Tim Tebow.

Orton really only had one good game last season, a 24-22 squeaker of a win over eventual playoff team Cincinnati. Against the Bengals in Week 2 he went 15-for-25 for 195 yards and two touchdowns.

True, he did beat Tebow in the last game of the season. As the Tebow drama unfolded and the Broncos started winning, the benched Orton became regular fodder for mocking on Facebook and Twitter. One popular YouTube video featured an Orton look-alike having an emotional breakdown about the Tebow takeover.

When he couldn't stand the melodrama any longer, he asked to be traded. The Broncos honored his request and he and his bruised ego were picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs. That's where, in the last regular season game of the year, he led  the Chiefs to a 7-3 win over Denver.  A 7-3 score is a game too ugly to have any highlights and Orton didn't stick around in KC.

Now he finds himself in Dallas and the drama has already started. In their preseason bore fest against the Oakland Raiders, the Cowboys managed a 3-0 win. If there are no highlights in a 7-3 win, there is definitely no SportsCenter love for a 3-0 victory.

Of course this is preseason so Romo didn't play much. But one of his chief offensive weapons, tight end Jason Witten, injured his spleen and is out for the preseason. He may even need surgery. That drama happened almost before the first commercial break.

Plus, Romo, Orton and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may find themselves in a love triangle gone bad this year if the Cowboys don't produce wins. Jones has been vocal about his displeasure with the team's overall performance and has publicly signaled that this may be the last chance for a core group of Cowboys, including Romo and Witten. That would put Orton in the spotlight.

The pressure is on and the drama is high. Orton may need a few tips from J.R. Ewing on how to survive and succeed in Dallas.