How many words rhyme with pepperoni? Unfortunately, Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, answered that question for everyone when he recently starred in a commercial for Papa John’s Pizza. The polarizing Dallas GM – and part-time Joan Rivers’ body double – tries his hand at rapping in a song titled, “5 Star Combo.”

Aside from owning “America’s Team,” Jerry Jones is also the man behind a slew of Papa John’s pizza franchises in the Dallas/North Texas area. Jones owns 78 of the pizza chains, and offers the familiar slices at the concession stands in Cowboys Stadium – so the pairing makes some sense from a marketing standpoint – but rapping?

Jerry Jones – or Lil JJ as he is known in Dallas-area nightclubs – is no stranger to these types of promotional ads. In 2007, Jones was featured in another Papa John’s spot which showcased the then 64-year-old tycoon break dancing in the Cowboys’ locker room.

It may be campy, and more than a little bit in the way of self promotion for the NFL’s most famous and visible team owner, but you have to give Jerry Jones credit for being a good sport who is not afraid to poke fun at himself. Although, since the Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl since 1995, and have only managed to notch one playoff victory in the last fifteen seasons, what other choice does he have?

No word yet on when the auto-tuned remix featuring T-Pain will drop.

“Because there’s no better value, you catch my rhyme? Cowboy’s 5 star combo for $10.99,” Jones spits as he strikes an arms-crossed pose and drops the mic.