Saturday morning, the Cowboys picked up tight end Colin Cochart after they trimmed their roster to 53. He was cut by the Bengals as part of their final roster cut down.Jason Witten

Cochart is more of a blocking tight end than a pass-catching TE (an article on the Cowboys' official site describes him as being more like John Phillips than Jason Witten).

That blocking is actually why the Cowboys picked him up.

However, in order to grab him, they had to cut a player, and they chose former fourth-round pick, quarterback Stephen McGee, to take the fall.

And now only have two quarterbacks on their roster.

This unheralded move is a sign of two larger news stories that will break over the next year:

1. The Cowboys could be without Jason Witten for longer than we thought.

Most teams only carry three tight ends on their roster. The only team that comes to mind as carrying more is the New England Patriots, who have two starting TEs. It also helps that the backups have shown potential, with Visanthe Shiancoe being a favored target of Brett Favre in Minnesota and Daniel Fells showing potential with Sam Bradford. 

On top of that, the Patriots have two more on IR, including Jake Ballard, who they snatched from the Giants on waivers.

If the Cowboys go out and get a fourth tight end after targeting an upgrade at fullback this past offseason, it has to point to a problem with Witten. His lacerated spleen is almost healed, and most people expected Witten to miss no more than one game. 

If they are stocking up, either Witten will sit longer just to be safe, or else the spleen is not healing as quickly as we were told.

2. The Cowboys will be drafting a young quarterback next year.

Stephen McGee was supposed to be the quarterback of the future. With a strong arm and good mobility, the Cowboys believed he would be the successor to Tony Romo. However, he never lived up to the promise, and the writing was on the wall when they signed Kyle Orton in the offseason to be Romo's backup instead of letting McGee do the job and getting a rookie or a cheap veteran to develop.

Kyle Orton is a good quarterback that could start for a couple of teams, and the Cowboys have him signed for the next three years. However, he has had his shot at becoming an elite QB, and he is not quite that good. Even if Jason Garrett is willing to keep the quarterback situation the way it is, Jerry Jones won't be. 

Next year's quarterback prospects are headlined by Matt Barkley, but if the Cowboys have a shot at Landry Jones next year, expect them to take him to develop behind Romo. They could go as high as a late second round choice to get him.

Who knows? Maybe Witten getting hurt will lead to the next Tony Romo, just as the Colts had a horrendous 2-14 season that gave them their next great quarterback.

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