Laurent Robinson was a 3rd round pick in 2007 for the Atlanta Falcons.  Ryan Cook was a 2nd round pick for the Minnesota Vikings in 2006.  Both players had an opportunity to play early and contributed until, for one reason or another, their careers got derailed.

Robinson struggled with injuries, which forced the Falcons to move on and from there his former draft status became irrelevant.

He was able to have a quality season with the Rams in 2010, but as a vested veteran, he was too expensive to stick around as a developmental guy in 2011, left to fight for a roster spot in San Diego.

Luckily for Robinson, the Cowboys and Chargers held joint practices during training camp and he was able to to catch the Cowboys' eye enough to pick him up when the Chargers made their cuts.  Injuries thrust Robinson into a No. 2 role and the rest is history as he played his way into a six-year, 36 million dollar deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason.

Ryan Cook's path has been a bit different, being a higher pick, he was viewed as a starting candidate at right tackle, despite being a center coming out of college. 

After a couple years of starting opportunities, the Vikings moved on when they landed Phil Loadholt to be their right tackle in 2009.

The Cowboys did not share practices with the Dolphins, however they have played the Dolphins in the preseason finale the last two years, where Cook would have most likely seen an extensive amount of playing time.  With his versatility and health being a bigger strength than Robinson last year, the Cowboys were a bit more aggressive with the move by trading their 2013 7th round pick to acquire Cook.

Three plays into the season the Cowboys lost their starting center, Phil Costa, when his back injury flared up.  Cook was thrown in the fire and performed well with a few hiccups that can be ironed out as the season progresses, but one more difference between Cook and Robinson should be noted...the Cowboys extended Cook for 2013; he may not cash in next offseason, but if he does, it will be as a long-term option at center for the Dallas Cowboys.