Tony RomoThe Dallas Cowboys' free agency before the Draft is finished, but the key positions they should have signed just aren't there to see. 

The offensive line is horrible and horrible is quite honestly an understatement. 

Quarterback Tony Romo was on the run for his life last season due to the lack of protection, but still he managed to ace out 4,000 yards passing.

How could the Cowboys enter the Draft with no potential solutions to their offensive line? 

I can hear the Jerry Jones whiners starting up already and while there's some truth to that, it's not his responsibility to make player personnel moves. 

I can't expect the Cowboys to draft five new linemen, so with no improvement made, it's looking like another season of Tony Romo getting killed on passing downs, while Murray fails to find daylight because the offensive line is a dark cloud offering no silver linings.

I've been talking to some people I know in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and they are equally amazed and disappointed the offensive line wasn't given more attention this offseason. Granted, there are defensive issues as well, but there's just no way those overtake the weak offensive line!

The best linemen will be off the board by the time Dallas picks in the first round, so they could use the pick on Alabama's D.J. Fluker, but many have him as a second-round prospect and this would be quite a reach pick, but also necessary. 

It's very likely the Cowboys will make things worse by selecting a defender in the first round, to where Fluker, Pugh, and Barrett Jones could very well be off the boards when they select in the second round, and they simply lack any chips to trade up into the top 10.

The Cowboys needed offensive line help this offseason and dropped the ball. Regardless of where the blame goes, they still failed to fill their biggest need going into this offseason. Get ready for another season of Romo fighting for his life out there Dallas fans.