Gavin Escobar As a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, I have learned to take the good with the bad.

The good old years are behind us (way behind), and we as fans are waiting to see what lies ahead.

Using our current seasons as retrospect as preview, folks it has not been good. What NOW?

Here we are in the 2013 NFL Draft, and Jerry Jones is at it again.

Mr Jerry Jones owner/general manager of the Dallas Cowboys in now making offensive calls. Yes, it was coming, we all had to have seen it. 

Jerry Jones' first call came in acquiring tight end Gavin Escobar from San Diego State in the second round, rumors floated that he demanded that the offense coaching staff get him involved. The New England Patriots have been the long standing pliar of the NFL for their usage the two-tight end set. 

Could the vision be that the Cowboys see Escobar and Jason Witten being the new studs to breakout this season? Jerry Jones seems to leaning in this direction. 

This leads one to ask if this will truly shake things up for the team, something different needs to happen. The word from the Star Telegram in a statement: 

"You saw him coming," Jones said, via the Star-Telegram's Clarence Hill. "(Now) are we all resolved to doing it different relative to injecting that influence in this offense? Don't come in here with same old, same old."

This is an ultimatum for Escobar; as we have seen many times that this is not the first time Dallas Cowboys have been down this road. Take Anthony Fasano, 2006; he had 28 receptions and one touchdown in two years. Fasano (now with Kansas City) has been with the Dolphins since the 2008 season and has started every game since being in Miami.

Martellus Bennett, acquired by Dallas in 2008, he topped out at 33 receptions (2010) with his four touchdowns (2008). Those touchdowns were his only four in four seasons. Martellus Bennett is now with the New York Giants, since shortly before the 2012 season. He had a career high of 55 receptions, and five touchdowns.

On a side note, I tend to believe that Bennett did not play to his best while with Dallas, and is to blame somehow and why he departed. Still the story is sounding very familiar with each case stated, and now this new chapter. 

Both of these players, Fasano and Bennett, were also second round picks. Us fans wonder if the third time really is the charm. This being early in the draft, what more is to come and will it be enough for Dallas to feast on, or one more season of famine.