Dez Bryant1. Get DeMarco Murray involved early and often

For the Giants, the formula for beating the Cowboys will be forcing them into third-and-long passing situations, and unleashing their formidable pass rushers.

One way the Cowboys can negate this is with DeMarco Murray.

Murray missed most of the Week 14 match-up with the Giants and all of Week 17, so his presence will be a great help.

What Murray brings is a back who can run and catch out of the backfield.

Running the ball is the easiest way to slow down pass rushers, but Murray's pass-catching ability could be even more important.

With Jason Witten doubtful, Romo will need a check-down receiver he can rely on, and Murray matches up very well with the Giants' linebackers. If the Cowboys don't want Romo getting sacked another six times, Murray should get 25-30 touches.

2. Hit and sack Eli Manning

Most teams preach "pressuring" the quarterback. But pressure can be in the form of sacks, hits or simply hurrying the quarterback.

In Week 14 the Cowboys got consistent "pressure" on Manning, but it was mainly in the form of hurries, as he was only hit twice and was not sacked once. While getting close will throw off some quarterbacks, Eli Manning is not one of them, and because of this he was able to pick the Cowboys apart.

If you look at the last six games Manning has faced the Cowboys (a span during which he is 5-1), he has been sacked a total of four times, and during that period he has put up big numbers every game.

The last time the Cowboys shut down Manning and the Giants' offense was in 2008, when they sacked him eight times and let up just 8 points. Simply put, the only way to slow down the passing game is to put Eli Manning on the ground. 

3. Play Physical with Victor Cruz

Though Hakeem Nicks is expected to play, there is no telling whether he will be at full health. Because of this uncertainty it seems Cruz will be the clear top target of Eli Manning.

What Cruz excels at is the option route, and picking up yardage after the catch. Because of this, whoever is covering him must be physical with him at the line to disrupt his timing, and need to wrap up when tackling him. Containing Cruz will be a big part of containg the Giants' passing game.

4. Take advantage of backup New York cornerbacks

This ties back to getting DeMarco Murray going. If the Cowboys can slow the Giants' pass rush down, there are plays to be made on these corners. The Giants are down to their fourth-string corner, Michael Coe, who will be starting his first NFL game.

Putting Miles Austin in the slot was a strategy the Cowboys employed last year, and with rookies like Will Hill and Jayron Hosley manning the nickelback spots, Austin should have some favorable match-ups.