Felix JonesThe Dallas Cowboys kicked off the NFL season with an impressive win over the New York Giants. 

Shocking the world, the Cowboys appeared young, yet experienced. 

Every player performed as if they were fired up, and looked to have shed the sense of entitlement so prevalent with Cowboys teams in recent years, except one player: Felix Jones.

Jones' Week 1 offensive contributions featured dropped passes (2) and a limited amount of yards (0) on a shockingly low number of rushing attempts (0). 

Luckily, Jones managed a 25-yard kickoff return; Not sure the Cowboys' impact would be felt without him busting off those big yards. 

All kidding aside, Jones is an excellent blocker for quarterback Tony Romo in pass protection.  Sadly, a great deal of his success comes from his ample frame, which is severely inhibiting his ability to run the football. 

On Jones' three kick returns, he snailed his way up the field for only 61 total return yards, averaging 20.33 YPA.

The Cowboys need to go with Dwayne Harris full-time on kick returns. Harris is capable, in-shape and hungry to make plays. A far cry from Jones. 

Reports now indicate that Jones suffered a rib injury in the game against the Giants, and although the injury doesn't appear to be serious, Jones is adding another straw to the camel's back.

The struggling running-back arrived to training camp out-of-shape and failed the Cowboys' conditioning test. Jones received a free-pass due to his offseason shoulder surgery, but the season is here, and he is still under-performing. 

The Cowboys reportedly received a call from the Detroit Lions prior to Week 1 seeking a trade for Jones. The Cowboys expressed zero interest in trading Jones, likely due to a lack of depth at the running back position.

Lance Dunbar is certainly chomping at the bit to get his shot, as is Jamize Olawale. 

Maybe the Cowboys can call Detroit back and set-up a favorable trade.  Jones would be the Lions' best option at running-back. If they can't strike a deal with Detroit, releasing Jones might be the best thing for the team. 

Going with Dunbar would result in a noticeable pass protection drop-off, but Jones is a non-factor in terms of offensive rushing production.  

Show him the door.