Dez Bryant breaking a tackle

1. Dez outdoes Megatron.  In a battle of two of the best wide receivers in the NFL today, there has already been talk back and forth between the superstars this week, with Bryant claiming that he can do anything Calvin Johnson can do.  Johnson's teammate Nate Burleson fired back at Dez, saying that he is not in Megatron's league yet. 

Nit-picking arguments aside, both are in the elite class at their position, and Dez Bryant is healthier at the moment. He is also facing a weaker group of cornerbacks and has more to prove, so this week I predict Dez will outshine his counterpart.  That is not to say that Megatron will not have a good game against a similarly weak Cowboys secondary, but with the improving Morris Claiborne likely lining up against him for most of the day, he will be held around his weekly average of 100 yards and a touchdown. 

Dez, on the other hand, will go above and beyond the call of duty in a high scoring affair, putting up over 150 yards and two touchdowns. 

2. Tony Romo comes back from a double-digit deficit to win, getting revenge for blowing a 13-point fourth quarter lead to the Lions at Dallas in 2011.  In 2011, the Lions staged an impressive come from behind victory in Dallas to improve their record to 4-0.  This was one of the highlights of the Jim Schwartz and Matthew Stafford regime in Detroit, as they struggled later that season and only finished 10-6 after a 5-0 start. 

This season, the Lions are off to a good start again and seemingly back to that 2011 level after a frustrating 4-12 campaign last season.  But they are coming off a disappointing last-second home loss to the Bengals.  Detroit had trouble containing the Cincinnati passing attack last week, and the Cowboys are capable of exceeding that production with more offensive weapons and a proven playmaker like Tony Romo at quarterback. 

The Cowboys are coming off an impressive victory at Philadelphia that put them in control of the NFC East.  They are playing with confidence on both sides of the ball, despite numerous injuries to key players such as DeMarco Murray and DeMarcus Ware.  They will struggle to slow down the Detroit offense on the road, but Romo will carve up the Lions defense when it counts most in the fourth quarter, and eke out a huge road victory in typical Romo-coaster fashion. 

3. Reggie Bush goes over 100 yards rushing AND receiving.  The primary factor for Detroit's resurgence this season has been the addition of Bush, whose abilities as a dual threat running back have opened up the offense and allowed other stars like Calvin Johnson to shine brighter.  They lost that element in Week 5 of 2011 when Jahvid Best was injured and the offense had never been the same, until Bush arrived.  

Reggie Bush is currently third in the NFL in yards from scrimmage this season, and came close to exceeding the 100-yard mark in both rushing and receiving in Week 1.  He tends to play better on the speedier surface of Ford Field and his health continues to improve after several pesky injuries early in the season.  Bush is relentlessly motivated to put up the best statistical season of his career in his first real opportunity to be the primary ballcarrier on his team. 

In what should be a high-scoring game, Bush will showcase all of his skills against an improving Dallas defense that looked great in shutting down LeSean McCoy and the Eagles offense last week.  But the unit has lacked consistency, and has had trouble defending more dynamic offenses with versatile running backs.  In this game, the Cowboys offense will have to carry them to victory and the multi-dimensional Bush will make that a difficult task.