Here we go again with  Kevin Ogletree. This guy seems to remain at the top spot for the number three receiver position every year for the past 4 seasons.

Why? In my opinion he has done nothing to prove he’s even worth remaining on the team, let alone earn the three spot. There’s a reason the Cowboys went and signed veteran Laurent Robinson last year, and there’s a reason they found success with him. Robinson played above and beyond his expected number three role last year, stepping up in a big way when the injury bug started hitting the depth chart.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys were unable to match an offer sheet for Robinson of $35 million to Jacksonville, thus bringing us back to square one. And square one is once again, Ogletree.  I guess running sloppy routes, not knowing the calls, being told where to line up, and dropping passes are the standard criteria for appointing the three. Maybe a number three receiver’s job is actually to make the number one and number two look that much better. If that’s the case, then Ogletree should be league MVP three years running now….

The worst part is; all you hear from coaches and reporters during O.T.A’s and training camp is how good these other guys look. Cole Beasley and Tim Benford have been the most outstanding of the group fighting for Ogletree’s spot. Andre Holmes failed the conditioning test, so I wouldn’t throw him too far in the mix, never the less he is in there; along with Dwayne Harris and Raymond Radway (whom a lot of people are praising).

No, I’m not live at training camp to witness this battle first hand, however, all the reports I read and heard highlight brilliant plays out of these lesser known guys, while not too many bright spots for old Mr. Ogletree.
According to head coach Jason Garrett “He needs more snaps like everybody else does, he’s doing a better job making some contested catches. We like his progress up to this point. … We are trying to teach him to do things the right way.”

It’s going on four years, and the coaches are still trying to teach him how to do things the right way? He’s doing a better job at making contested catches? That’s good, is he still dropping the easy ones? From everything I’ve heard and read so far, these young, first or second year guys are doing just as good if not a better job, while learning and already exhibiting “the right way.”

With all this said, while the competition for the third spot is still open and could be overtaken, all indications seem to point to the fact that once again, Kevin Ogletree will be the Cowboys number three receiver come week one, much to the dismay of almost every fan I know of. Heaven forbid Bryant or Austin suffers an injury that propels him to the number two.

“I’m doing the best job I can do. I’m trying to get better every day and learn something every day about what it’s going to take to get that spot I want to help this team.” Well Mr. Ogletree, we certainly hope you’ve learned a lot these past three years; it’s time to show it.
(Direct quotes taken from article, “Never the Popular Choice, But Ogletree Still Leading for No. 3: Jonathan Auping)