Depth Chart

George Selvie - 5th Season(2nd with Cowboys)

Jeremy Mincey - 8th Season(FA signing)

DeMarcus Lawrence - Rookie(2nd round pick)

Anthony Spencer - 8th Season(All with Cowboys)

Caesar Rayford - 2nd Season(All with Cowboys)

Martez Wilson - 4th Season(2nd with Cowboys)

Ben Gardner - Rookie(7th round pick)

Ben Bass - 3rd Season(All with Cowboys)



The Cowboys are counting on a repeat performance from George Selvie to at least help anchor one of the defensive end spots. On one hand Selvie had done little in the league up to last season and was on the street at the start of camp, but he also was a very accomplished player at USF and started ahead of the New York Giants Jason Pierre Paul.  The team made an aggressive move in the 2nd round to trade up for DeMarcus Lawrence out of Boise State to help fill the void created by DeMarcus Ware.  If the Cowboys can get 6-8 sacks a piece from Selvie and Lawrence, then their efforts should be considered a success.  For depth the signing of Jeremy Mincey gives them a solid veteran who can "start" games ahead of Lawrence on run downs and the wild card in the gang is Anthony Spencer returning to some form of his old self and contributing.  There should be a solid competition between Caesar Rayford and Ben Gardner for a roster spot, Rayford has been around a bit, but hasn't played in many games, Gardner is coming from a solid program at Stanford that has an NFL quality weight room and he certainly looks the part.  Ben Bass showed some flashes as a 3-4 end, but could be an odd man out with a scheme change and Martez Wilson was once a mid round pick, by the Saints is fighting to salvage a career.

53 Man Roster Prediction

Barring injury the locks for the Cowboys to head into the season would be George Selvie, Jeremy Mincey and DeMarcus Lawrence.  Anthony Spencer is a candidate right now to be placed on the PUP list which will make him inactive for the first 6 weeks, but can allow the Cowboys to stash an extra player and get a boost in the second half of the season when injuries hit.  The team may go a little long at defensive tackle since they have a little more quality there so they should probably stay with four players here at end.  It comes down to Gardner vs. Rayford for a 4th and final spot at end.  Rayford is 28 years old and has lived on his 6'7 height with good athletic ability to get chances, but at 28 you'd have to wonder if it hasn't happened now will it ever?  Gardner on the other hand isn't as much a specimin as Rayford, he is a high effort guy coming from an NFL style program, I don't hink he has a high ceiling, but he has contributor written all over him.  The Cowboys just need some players and having the rights to Gardner for four years on a rookie deal wouldn't hurt his chances either, all things being equal, Gardner gets the nod.