Remember in high school English class when your teacher would ask you to compare and contrast? Consider this a prime example.

On the one hand you have Tim Tebow, currently the second string quarterback for the New York Jets. By all accounts Tebow is a god-fearing, church-going, non-violent, non-drinking All-American young man. 

The Tim Tebow Foundation is known for building children’s playrooms in hospitals across the country. From preseason through the playoffs, Tebow invites one child who is suffering from a serious health issue, along with their family, to be his guest at every home and away game.

Press reports about this “W15H Program” repeatedly show Tebow interacting with the child both before and after each game, even if his team loses.

His foundation is also constructing a hospital for underprivileged communities in the Philippines. Tebow was born in the island nation while his parents served there as missionaries.

In a well-documented story, Tebow’s mother refused to abort him despite a medically complicated pregnancy. The two celebrated their story in an expensive 2010 Super Bowl ad sponsored by Focus on the Family.

“He gets a lot of criticism. I gotta say as a father of four, being criticized for being a good guy, and wearing it on his sleeve, I’ve seen worse than that,” said NBC color commentator Cris Collinsworth during Sunday Night Football.

After Collinsworth’s comment, Tebow fans quickly responded via Twitter.  @Tebow_Defender wrote “@CollinsworthNBC So are you Cam Newton’s agent now? And "you've seen worse" guys than Tim Tebow? That's all u can come with about Tim Tebow?”

I said basically the same thing to my wife during the game. You have a generous, moral young man representing the league and that’s how you feel about him?

Tebow is a young man we should celebrate.  Instead, because of his faith, pro-life story and a desire by many to obsess on his throwing mechanics, he is referred to as a polarizing figure.

Compare and contrast him to Dez Bryant. The 23-year-old Bryant, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, has a long history of troubling behavior off the field.

According to the NFL Network, as a result of his behavior Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and Bryant have entered into an agreement whereby Bryant will abide by the personal restrictions listed below.

*No drinking alcohol.

*Midnight curfew.

*No frequenting nightclubs or gentlemen’s clubs.

*Attend personal counseling sessions two times per week.

*Security detail must be with him at all times.

*Security detail must transport him to all functions.

While the NFL, the Cowboys, and fans should applaud Bryant’s attempt to get his life in order, there is no denying this is an unprecedented move by a team to control a wayward player.

For too many years players have been allowed to get away with criminal and childish behavior while the league and the public look the other way and continue to celebrate their professional achievements.

Bryant is just one of many bad examples. His new agreement was put in place after the Dallas CBS affiliate reported a July 2012 incident where he is alleged to have committed domestic violence against a family member.

And they say Tim Tebow is controversial.