The Dallas Cowboys might have just struck gold.
Undrafted rookie Cole Beasley out of Southern Methodist University is quickly becoming a household name in the Dallas metroplex. 

Beasley made headlines recently when he decided to quit the Cowboys training camp. After meeting with his family, Beasley returned to the team.
Head coach Jason Garrett expressed to Beasley that the organization welcomed him back with open arms, and Beasley would only be judged on future performance on the field.

In between the lines, Beasley looks extraordinary for an undrafted rookie. Prior to No.6 overall pick Morris Claiborne going down with an injury, Beasley burned the former LSU cornerback one-on-one several times.   

Jerry Jones expressed confidence in Beasley. Jones commented on his instinctive ability to get open and find holes in defensive coverage. Beasley is reportedly a hard-working and focused player with a noticeable desire and hunger to perform at his best.
 A new undrafted free agent with a strong work ethic is exactly what the Cowboys need. It helps that he bears similarities to receiver Wes Welker.  Both are undersized. Welker made his career off of finding holes, making catches, and understanding how to beat defenses after-the-catch with cerebral route running.
 A smart, scrappy receiver like Welker or Beasley might be the key component Tony Romo is missing to take the Cowboys' offense to the next level. Everyone will benefit from a stronger running game in 2012, but the Cowboys are in dire need of a hard-working, trustworthy receiver. 
Everyone in the league took notice when Romo took over starting duties as an undrafted free agent, and receiver Miles Austin burst onto the scene with the Cowboys after going undrafted.
The hard work those two players put in on practice squads and B-teams made them the players they are today.  Romo takes nothing for granted, and his story is truly one of the greatest undrafted free agent stories of all time. 
Beasley could legitimately be the Cowboys’ No. 3 receiver by the end of the season if he can at least make the practice squad. The Cowboys are yet to nail down who their third wide receiver will be, but all reports indicate Kevin Ogletree is the front-runner. 
Laurent Robinson illustrated that any receiver can make a difference for the Cowboys with proper route running and trust from Romo. Robinson put up 11 touchdown in 2011, his first and only season with the Cowboys.
Beasley graduated from SMU, and possesses the mental aptitude necessary to succeed, as well as be comparable to Welker. 
If he can get on the field, he will be a difference-maker and chain-mover.
Score another one for the Cowboys’ evaluation of undrafted free agents. They are clearly the best in the NFL.