James Hanna One of the more popular stories of the offseason has been how the Cowboys have nothing left from the 2009 Draft.

Since the Cowboys didn't even try to re-sign Michael Jenkins, you could say the last member of that draft class was John Phillips.

That loss has some people thinking the Cowboys need another tight end, but I'd like to point out an article of mine from last year about the Cowboys picking up Colin Cochart.

Cochart is a blocking tight end like John Phillips, and the Cowboys managed to sneak him through to their practice squad after Jason Witten was fully healthy.

The Cowboys gave up on Stephen McGee to get Cochart. He's known as a good blocker, and can easily bookend the offensive line for short yardage plays.

He should be able to step in and do Phillips' job right away, having had a year to learn the offense, and he can do it for half the cap room that Phillips would have commanded.

Best of all, the Cowboys don't need him to be a weapon, which is Cochart's weakness.

There's Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Dwayne Harris, and the poor man's Wes Welker in Cole Beasley.  Witten still has a few years left in him and Murray is a respectable pass catcher.

Yes, Witten's old, but anyone who thinks the Cowboys need to find his replacement hasn't noticed James Hanna.

Hanna is more of a flex tight end, a receiver with tight end size like New England's Aaron Hernandez. He's already made some plays in key moments, and should develop into a major weapon over the next couple of years.

I don't expect the Cowboys to carry four tight ends just yet, so with Witten, Cochart, and Hanna they're pretty much set. I wouldn't be surprised to see some two or three tight end sets that turn into big pass plays if Hanna is flexed out before the snap.

So don't clamor for Zach Ertz or some similar tight end to come to Dallas. There's no need - the future is already here.