The Dallas Cowboys were one of the first teams in the NFL to use the player Draft to its advantage. Players like Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett and Troy Aikman have all won Super Bowl titles in Big D after having outstanding careers in college. Through shrewd research and a belief they would be better than other franchises if the crack staff found the right players to make Dallas “America’s Team.”

While the Cowboys have “hit” more than they have “missed” over the course of the team’s existence, there have been times where the franchise would like to ask for a mulligan in its raft process. Like I have said before, the Draft is not an exact science. Players who look good one day and on a fast track tend to look completely different next. No one is perfect.

Here is a look at the first worst draft in the team’s history.

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Rod Hill

A first-round selection in the 1982 NFL Draft, Hill was expected to come in an make an immediate impact in the Cowboys' defensive backfield. Instead, he recorded two interceptions and failed to earn a single start in two years with the franchise. The Cowboys ended up trading Hill to the Buffalo Bills for a sixth-rounder in the 1984 draft

Shante Carver

A first-round pick in the 1994 draft, Carver was expected to add to what was already a powerful defensive line. Instead, he recorded a meager 11.5 sacks and didn't force a single fumble during four years with the team. He went on to play for the XFL's Memphis Maniax in 2001 before moving to the Arena Football League's Dallas Desperados.

Kevin Brooks

He was supposed to be a huge help to the Dallas pass rush. Brooks is best known for being the player the Cowboys settled for in the 1985 NFL Draft. The team wanted to take a wide receiver out of Mississippi Valley State named Jerry Rice, but the San Francisco 49ers traded up and took him one spot ahead of the Cowboys. Rice became the greatest wide out ever -- Brooks finished with 12.5 career sacks in Big D.

Mike Sherrard

The first wide receiver the Cowboys took in the first round (1986) of the draft since Homan, Sherrard showed promise as a rookie with 744 yards and five touchdowns. Unfortunately, those would be the lone stats he would post with the team. Sherrard missed the next two seasons with a broken right leg and would never play for Dallas again. His forgettable career ended in 1996

Dennis Homan

Who? The Cowboys had very high hopes for Homan, who was taken No. 20 overall in the 1968 draft. He would go on to catch a mere 23 passes with one touchdown in three years with the team. After two more years with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he had a combined 14 catches and one touchdown, Homan left the NFL and played with the Birmingham Americans of the World Football League.