Everything is bigger in Dallas, including the expectations for the 2013 NFL season. Will this finally be the year Jerry Jones gets his fourth Super Bowl title? Is this the year Tony Romo can put it all together and not only have a good season, but show he can perform in the playoffs.

All these questions will need to be answered and then some. The team brass looked like it was not on the same page when it came to making the first pick when Travis Frederickson from Wisconsin was chosen, a player who, head coach Jason Garrett may not have chosen had he been given the reins.

This is a make or break season for the Cowboys in a lot of ways. A big stadium, a big fan base and a weak running game. While the receivers are good (Dez Bryant, Miles Austin), can the unit stay healthy?

Those are just a few of the questions this team must answer. Here are five pressing questions heading into training camp?

What if Tony Romo is a failure?
It almost seems like everyone is talking about this but Romo, who had surgery last month to remove a cyst from his back. Romo is one of the most durable players, who plays hurt and remains accurate. You don’t throw for over 4,900 yards without consistency. If Romo gets hurt or cannot produce, Kyle Orton is there at the ready to lead this team.

Will the running game return?
Yes, it has to. DeMarco Murray is back from injury to run for the Cowboys. When he is healthy, he is great between the tackles. The Cowboys do not have a lot of depth at this position after losing Felix Jones to Philadelphia in free agency, Everything will ride on his legs. Yes, health at this position is a key concern.

Is Jason Witten slowing down?
He was gritty and gutsy last season, playing at the start of the season with an injury and still becoming a safety net for Romo in the passing game. At some point Witten will slow down. For now, he is still a consistent player who can catch the ball in the seam and more importantly, score touchdowns.

How will the defense play?
The Cowboys needed some more help in the pass rush this season. They cannot expect DeMarcus Ware to do everything every year. Players like Tyrone Crawford and Anthony Hargrove will need to step up on the line to have a more consistent pass rush.

How long will Jason Garrett be the head coach?
As long as Jerry Jones let him have the post. This is a job that we all know really is a puppet-type position. I thought he might get the ax this past season for shoddy play calling that cost the team two games and a playoff berth. Not this season. If he finds a way to screw it up again, Garrett may be out the door before the end of the season. It is a great high-profile position with the worst boss in all of professional football.