Yes, the "butt dumpling" or interception in the closing seconds of the game vs. Washington Redskins was a terrible throw.  But, not all of the blame for the terrible finish to an up and down season belongs to Tony Romo.  The majority of the blame goes to the Cowboys' weak offensive line.

Let me break this down in easier terms -- When a QB spends majority of any game looking up from his back side, its never a good sign.  Romo was sacked 40 times last season and pressured almost double the time he spent digging grass out of his face mask.

Demarco Murray can also attest to the line being responsible for his low percentages and numbers.  If the proper blocking was in place, Murray may have run for 1000 yards, and the Cowboys would have given Romo more time to pass the ball.  Granted, the line was key in Romo finishing the year with over 4000 yards passing, but it's the amount of times he got drilled that's the main concern.

Heading into draft day 2013, the Cowboys need to focus their picks wisely and add some depth to an already terrible offensive line.  Everyone can blame a quarterback, its right up there next to blaming a head coach, but in this situation Romo deserves half of the blame for the losses, while the offensive line gets the remaining half.

I can't help but wonder how far the Cowboys would have gone with a tougher offensive line.  Tell me exactly how a QB can be the blame of 40 sacks and more disruptive hits in the pocket?  Romo was responsible for throwing a terrible interception, but the offensive line deserves most of the blame, you cant throw well with defenders in your face or flushing you out of the pocket at a high rate.  Stop blaming it on Romo and calling for his head, 40 sacks says it all, blame it on the offensive line.