Cowboys April Fool's Joke Is No Joke: Tony Romo Gets Millions

By Paula Adams
March 31, 2013 11:43 am
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When the news broke a few days ago, I was flabbergasted to hear the deal the Dallas Cowboys made with quarterback Tony Romo. 

The week was a slow one for Romo, but make no mistake on Friday, it finished with a bang that was heard round the league. Dallas Cowboys dropped the bomb on the NFL by extending quarterback Tony Romo to a franchise breaking record contract. Romo and the Cowboys, came to an agreement to a 6 year contract which will pay the quarterback $108 million, $55 million guaranteed. 

The question then begs, "Does Tony Romo deserve this kind of contract or is there something lurking in the background that we as fans and sports writers don't know"?  While there are many many views from one side to another, the fact is yes, Romo is one of the top quarterback on paper. His numbers rank among the top 5 in the league.

Let's see, the Dallas Cowboys haven't had a winning season since 2009, which clearly marked their only playoff appearance in five seasons. He stated he "believes the Dallas Cowboys are ready to live up to the hype" of being America's Team. Really? Romo has a record of 55-38 as a starter, but is 17-21 the last three seasons. He has a grand total of one playoff win. Paying this guy this much money with nobody to protect him and no one to back him up is a huge risk. 

Let's just state the obvious: Tony Romo is being grossly overpaid. You play well, you get paid well.  Look at Joe Flacco. He is guaranteed $52 million the next three years, but he has a 9-4 post season record, and is fresh off a Super Bowl win. Plus, he has led the Ravens to the playoffs every year he has been in the league. Now how do you figure with Romo's vastly inferior record that he should make $55 million over 3 years -- more than Flacco? 

This now leads us to the rest of the contract which will be reconstructed. Tony Romo will not even be in the league at age 39, so the contract, is a huge cap-saving move. This move will clear even more cap space down the line. And, there it is, folks, Tony Romo gets overpaid to make a business transaction. 

No worries about the money though. In an age where superstars getting grossly overpaid is the "new" norm, we shouldn't be shocked about the dollar amount, but we are shocked by the years.

The Cowboys are mired in mediocrity. Why? Romo chokes in the clutch every time. His interceptions are astonishing, everyone make excuses, from the receivers running the wrong route, to offensive line is blocking etc. Other teams have receivers run wrong routes and the QBs on those teams don't throw the INT that Romo does. There is no excuse, Tony Romo is a mediocre QB in a league that needs GREAT QB's to win it all. Don't start pointing fingers and saying look at all that talent around him. Really, where? The defense doen't perform well, sometimes not at all. The O-L is passive and far from great. Is there really a running game?

In today's world of the NFL teams live and die by their quarterbacks, Romo is inconsistent, that is the tell tale sign of a team that will die by their quarterback. 

Mediocrity, is the new million dollar game. 


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By Paula Adams
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2 years ago
From Aikman to Romo the Cowboys have had 14 diffrent QB's. FOURTEEN. Romo is worth every cent. Those of us who have watched every sanp he has taken know this. I wake up Sunday knowing that with Romo the Cowboys have a chance to beat any team they're playing. Can the same be said for Quincy Carter? Chad Hutchinson? Drew Henson? Ryan Leaf? This team hasn't had a 1000 yd rusher in over 5 years. They had the worst offensive line I have seen in 26 years. If you put Eli or Brees on last years Cowboy team do you really think they win 8 games? The problem with this team is thier owner and past horrendous drafts. Until Jerry gives up some power and realizes he cannot do it on his own it desn't matter if Joe Montana is his QB.
2 years ago

Michael I will agree with the statements on the offensive line and the pass rusher. Putting Eli or Brees in the same slot would have yielded the same results only because they play the same way. If you were to place Aaron Rogers, or Joe Flacco in that position it would have made a difference. I agree with you,on the point of the Jerry Jones taking to much on his plate and running the team..He lacks certain talents and it shows in our drafts and in our play calling. The fact is Jerry Jones is not giving in on a thing. This was never about Romo being worth the money, it all boiled down to a shred business move. After all, if you are playing in the millions of dollar range, it's business first.
2 years ago

You cannot be serious that Flacco in place of Romo would have made a better difference than Romo. Flacco has been supported by one of the best defenses in history and did not get it done in the past until now when he finally managed to pull a rabbit out the hat. With a Raven defense, anyone including Romo would have taken the Ravens to the Superbowl every year of his career. Without great talent on key positions, every quarterback is average. This is not a one man sport. Go ahead and be the naysayer that Romo does not deserve all those millions. Without Romo, Dallas would have never been in a position to win any games with or without a solid defense, OL or running game.
2 years ago

I am serious. The simple fact remains that Romo has a "choke" problem. Flacco did all that he did because in a clutch moment he held steady. Romo is unpredictable in those to close to count moments. The question is not what or where Dallas would be without Romo, because that has never happened, to see the results. Again, I state that whether Romo is worth the bucks is not even the heart of the matter. The fact is that it was a stout business move on the part of Jerry Jones and the teams profits this year and years to come. It provided a cap space for the future, and definitely kept the stock price up on the franchise.
2 years ago

Anyone playing quarterback in the NFL without any protection on their blind side or not having time to find open receivers will find a way to fail.

Romo is only human and reacts to the pressure because the OL cannot sustain a block. Why is Romo known for extending plays? Perhaps because someone is not blocking.

Flacco held steady? Did you mean that the OL gave Flacco enough time to find an open receiver. Or better yet, Boldin helped him out on some pretty amazing catches on overthrown passes. Please recant?

If Romo was a pure pocket passer, Tony would have already suffered numerous concussions or serious injuries. Oh yeah, he did suffer several injuries in the past 6 years. Someone forgot to block! Ask any professional QB if they would prefer playing under pressure. Tony continues to do more with less.

Not to mention that the Dallas defense was closer to the bottom in total ranking giving up 39 TDs, while Tony the offense could only muster 37 TDs. How can a team win if the defense gives up more than the offense makes.

Romo taking the dough is a brilliant move for both player and team. Some of the cap space will benefit the team. Hopefully, Jerry Jones gives Tony some help and bolster the the OL and get steady help for steady play.
2 years ago
Not a fan of Jones, Romo or the Cowboys, but it's his money and he's thick with it. Who's out there that's better? Romo's due for a good year if he gets more tools. His tats

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