The hype surrounding a potential trade of the No. 2 pick that the St. Louis Rams currently hold in the 2012 NFL Draft is absurd right now.  Mock drafts are throwing names and potential picks all over the place (with No. 1 pretty much consistently locked in with Andrew Luck), and people are simply assuming that the Rams are going to trade their 2nd overall pick to whoever the highest bidder is.  This is probably a safe bet right now, mainly because the thought of Robert Griffin III leaves teams drooling all over the place about his speed and, well, pretty much everything about him.  But, there's one thing that I want to take into consideration about this situation.

What if the St. Louis Rams traded Sam Bradford and kept the No. 2 pick to draft Robert Griffin III?

Obviously, they wouldn't get anywhere near the value that they would get for trading the pick, but they could potentially be getting a one of a kind quarterback.  RG3 is said to be faster than Cam Newton, but stronger than Michael Vick, which makes for an all-around scary player.  The value on Bradford might not be incredibly high right now, and his contract is a load, but is there not a team out there who would love to have a young quarterback with potential like Bradford?

It seems that the biggest issue would be the contract most likely.  Bradford had an off season last year, but if you remember back to the season before he was hyped as one of the young up and coming quarterbacks in the NFL.  There's no reason to think that if you put Bradford on a team like the Washington Redskins with a wideout like Santana Moss that he wouldn't be able to thrive.  Heck, Daniel Snyder loves to spend money and build a real living fantasy football team right?  Well, having Bradford would be another big name to put fans butts' in seats and keep the interest around the team.

On top of the fact that Bradford could benefit teams, another perk for his potential suitors is the fact that they wouldn't have to give up an arm and a leg to get him.  The Rams would absolutely get a lot more if they traded the pick, but if RG3 turns out to be as good as everyone says, then they might be crazy to pass on him.  Griffin looks like he's going to be a game changer, and someone who can sell tickets, which are two things that the Rams need currently.

So I say why not?  Maybe no team will really bite, but it's worth a shot to see if someone is willing to trade for Bradford and his contract.  The Rams were 2-14 last season, so they don't really have much to lose.