Concussion Crisis: Director Steve James Talks "Head Games" With The Sports-Casters

By Steve Bennett
September 28, 2012 10:49 am
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Steve and Don interview Steve James the director of a powerful documentary called, Head Games.

Hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ interview the biggest names in sports media and pop culture each week on Football Nation's The Sports-Casters podcast.

Their guest this week is Steve James, the director of the new documentary "Head Games" which addresses the concussion crisis in football. 

James is best known for his 1994 documentary "Hoop Dreams" and has had five films premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. 

"Head Games" focuses on current and former NFL players that have had their lives changed by the effects of concussions they received while playing football. 

James talks about what inspired him to make Head Games, how what he has learned about the dangers of football has changed his fan experience, and reveals if he would allow his own children to play the game.   

James also says:

  • Concussions are not just an NFL problem
  • The NFL still has a way to go in their response to CTE and player concussions
  • Concussions don't just effect players but also the families of players
  • We are a long way from understanding just how wide spead the problem is
  • There is still denial by players, coaches, parents, and spectators about the level of crisis

Steve and Don kick off each podcast with "3 Things" but manage to tackle so much more. In this week's segment they discuss the third week that was in the NFL, discuss the impact the return of the "real" referees will have on this week's games, and they discuss an interesting trend involving tight ends. Steve and Don close the show with emails from listeners and a new segment called, One More Thing. 

For more information about the podcast follow us on Twitter at: @fballnation and @sports_casters and check out The Sports-Casters' other podcasts here. Email Steve and Don at

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By Steve Bennett
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