Andrew Luck threw for 3 interceptions in the wild-card matchup against Kansas City, yet here we are the following week getting ready to see the first Luck vs Brady match-up in the Divisional Round. 

Aside from this being their first go around, what other facts should you know before watching the game? 


#10. Indianapolis is 2-3 in the Divisonal Round in the playoffs since 2000. They have won 2 of the last 3, with their last win being in 2009 against the Ravens, 20-3. 

#9. New England is 8-2 in the Divisonal Round in the playoffs since 2000. They have won 4 of the last 5, with their last win being last year against the Texans, 41-28. 

#8. This is the fourth straight season that New England has secured a playoff bye. They are 3-3 in the playoffs in those four years. 


#7. Tom Brady is 17-7 in Playoff games and has thrown for 42 Touchdowns to only 22 interceptions. In his most recent game against the Ravens, he had more interceptions than touchdowns. 

#6. Tom Brady punted 48 yards in his 2011 Division game against Denver. Believe it or not, it was his first playoff punt. 

#5. The Patriots will play their 9th straight playoff home game. The record set by the Dophins, is 10 and if the Chargers and Patriots win Saturday, the Patriots will tie the record.  

#4. New England is 2-1 vs the Colts in the playoffs.

#3. Andrew Luck has thrown interceptions in back to back games only once this season. He has thrown at  least 2 interceptions in both playoff games in his career.

#2. LB Robert Mathis will play in his 18th career playoff game with the Colts. He is one start away from tying a franchise record. 

#1. Andrew Luck was the first overall draft pick in 2011 Draft. Tom Brady was selected in the sixth round in the 2000 NFL Draft. This is the bigget gap between two drafted quarterbacks in NFL Playoff history (Along with Manning brothers vs Brady).