Peyton Manning and the 5-2 Indianapolis Colts will try to outscore Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans, who have the NFL’s top rushing offense, in this weekend’s Game of the Week.  Manning has already passed for over 2,000 yards and leads the league in QB rating.  Johnson has rushed for a league-high 750 yards and both he and Manning are early MVP candidates.  Whoever wins this exciting matchup will be in first place in the AFC South.

The winless Colts, who were blown out 62-7 on national TV last Sunday, are traveling to Tennessee to face a Titans team that was crushed 41-7 last weekend.
You're supposed to tackle him.
So, why should you watch the Colts/Titans game?  Well, the other one o’clock games aren’t exactly riveting either.  Two other winless teams (Dolphins, Rams) will be annihilated by teams with winning records (Giants, Saints).  The Ravens will crush the Cardinals and the Texans will beat the boring Jaguars.  The only other game is Minnesota @ Carolina, and those teams both have losing records. 

There are actually things to watch for in the Colts/Titans game.  I was able to think up SEVEN of them!  (Originally, I was going to think up ten reasons, but I just couldn’t do it.)

1. How will the Colts respond?
They can’t be worse…right?  How do you even come back from a 62-7 defeat?  How do you show yourself in public?  The Colts will try to lose by a smaller margin against the Titans.

2. Will the crowd boo?
Last weekend, the Titans suffered a beat down at the hands of the division rival Houston Texans.  It wasn’t just a loss, it was an embarrassment.  Now, if the Titans somehow lose to the Colts, who are awful, their season is basically over.  If they fall behind in the game and on the next offensive drive Chris Johnson is stuffed at the line on third down, you can expect loud boos from the crowd.

3. Peyton Manning looking sad on the sidelines.
You can tell he wants to go in there so bad.  It’s sort of pathetic.  If you’re a fan of a rival team of the Colts this could bring you some sense of joy.

Peyton predicts how many wins the Colts will get this year.

4. CJ2K… more like CJ0K.
At the rate he’s going, Johnson will be CJ0K this season (he’s on pace for 715 yards).  Every week, someone predicts that he’s finally going to return to his old form and every week he stinks.  Will this be the week he runs wild?  (Fantasy football owners who drafted him in the top five sure hope so.)

5. Will there be a fight?
The Titans have dropped two in a row and the Colts are 0-7.  Frustration has got to be mounting in those locker rooms.

6. What about an animal on the field?
If you haven’t seen that video of the dog running around the soccer field this week, you definitely should.  In fact, whenever you’ve got people chasing an animal around it’s entertaining.  Maybe people watching the Colts play the Titans will be rewarded with an animal chase.

7. Jim Caldwell
Colts’ president Bill Polian said Caldwell is doing a terrific job.  You can see Caldwell’s terrific coaching on display against the Titans.

I think I see a terrific coach.

So don’t forget to tune in and watch the Colts face the Titans!  This one clearly has all the makings of a great one.