Did you really expect anything different? Did you expect Blaine Gabbert to come in and steal the show, light up the scoreboard and the Jaguars actually win a football game, did you? Seriously?

OK, I did at least think this would be a more closely contested game than it was. While there appeared to be more pressure on the quarterback by the defensive line and receivers and penalties let Gabbert down early in the game, the third-year quarterback came unglued - AGAIN!

How much longer can fans (and this writer) take?

The 37-3 loss is only a part of the problem. Large-size losses add up. Forget the “energy” this franchise seems to have at the beginning of the week and in practice. Here are five things we learned from this game, err, feasting.

The Colts can win a Super Bowl

I know this is a game where the score was indicative of how bad the Jaguars played, but the Colts are a really good football team. There was balance and consistency with the passing game and the rushing attack. The Jaguars had no answer for anything the Colts threw at them after the first quarter. The Jaguars also hurt themselves with dropped passes and penalties. Blaine Gabbert lost his rhythm and threw three interceptions on the day. Luck showed why he is the best young passer in the league.

Cecil who?

The last two games, Cecil Shorts was everywhere in the passing attack (or lack of it) for the Jaguars. Shorts could not make anything happen on the field. Early in the game, he caused an interception  and dropped a touchdown pass late. It was a true indication of how poorly things were on offense. There is no one else in the passing offense to help him. Marcedes Lewis was non-existent and Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson both looked like rookies out there. Just poor all around.

Some decent marks

If I can pick out something good to say about the Jaguars it is this - in three seasons, the Jaguars could have the best secondary in the league. Johnathan Cyprien, Josh Evans and Will Blackmon played well early on. Add Alan Ball, who was injured in the game and Dwayne Gratz, who did not play - this is a decent unit that needs to learn as they play. For the first half, it looked like they were holding Reggie Wayne and TY Hilton - then the bottom dropped out. There is hope for this unit, nonetheless.

The stats don’t lie

The Jaguars have lost 11 of their last 19 games by 16 points or more. The team has lost the last two home games by a 65-5 score. The Jaguars have lost their last two games by a combined score of 82-20. Something has to give. Don’t give us the coach speak. Tell us how it is going to be fixed.

The running game failed

While Trent Richardson and Donald Brown could find running lanes, it looks more and more like Maurice Jones-Drew’s best days are behind him. The running back returning from injury had 23 yards on 13 carries.

The Colts used the running game to set up the pass. Richardson had 60 yards. Brown had 65 yards. Luck even helped with 26 yards of his own. Point is, the running game and the passing game evenly beat Jacksonville up.