No Colts comeback here. 

Indianapolis managed only 10 second-half points in the 43-22 loss to New England, while the Patriots are on their way to face the Broncos in the Conference Championship round. The Colts defense ends the season allowing 43.5 points per game in the Playoffs, while Luck throws 7 interceptions in 2 games. The Patriots continue on to their 3rd straight conference title appearance as LaGarrette Blount rushes for 4 TD's. 

What did we learn from the matchup? 


5. Tom Brady doesn't have to throw 35 times for the Patriots to win- How on earth does Tom Brady throw 25 times and the Patriots manage 43 points? Defense and rushing, what? And they still won? Man, I guess we all underestimated the Patriots ruhsing and defensive back units. 

4. Andrew Luck probably shouldn't throw more than 35 times in a playoff game- Andrew Luck has thrown 8 interceptions through 3 career playoff games. Maybe it's time the Colts rely on Donald Brown and Trent Richardson to setup the play action that Luck used so well at Stanford. 86 attempts in two games is a little too much for the 1st overall draft pick.

3. Patriots LB Jamey Collins will need to rattle Peyton Manning in Denver-  The Patriots LB got to Luck 3 times in the win, you can bet he got into the QB's head a little bit that helped rattle him into four turnovers. The whole Patriots defense as a whole got to the QB 10 times, which if they can get to Manning that many times than it may be enough in the cold weather to force some bad throws or turnovers.

2. LaGarrette Blount is a weapon-4 TD's, a 75 yard run, 6.9 YPC, that sounds like a great day for any runningback in any league. Much less an underappreciated runningback who is in the backfield along with Trent Richardson and Tom Brady. Blount hasn't been the star in New England very often, but Saturday night he was the man. If he can average 7 yards a carry throughout the playoffs then go ahead and shoe in the Patriots as your NFL Champions this season. 

1. The AFC Championship should be a toss up- In the regular season matchup was any indicator, we are in for a very fun AFC Championship game. The Patriots edged out the Broncos in overtime last game, after infamously giving the Broncos the ball in overtime instead of taking the wind. This one should be just as fun, except with higher stakes.