The Indianapolis Colts have started the season 1-1 against the NFC North, but they will now start playing the meaningful division games, and that starts this weekend with the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Blaine Gabbert looked good against the Vikings in week one, but took a huge step backwards in week two against the Texans top ranked defense.  This is only his second season, but he has a lot of room to grow before he makes the Jaguars a significant contender. 

Maurice Jones-Drew hasn't played up to his standards, and this is largely due to him holding out during the entire off season and preseason.  The Jaguars defense has been sub-par through the first two weeks as well.  This was supposed to be the strength of the team, but they've struggled to stop the run, giving up nearly 170 yards per game on the ground. 

That average will come down after this weekend because the Colts are not capable of running the ball.  The offensive line has been decimated with injuries and they've only managed 73 yards a game on the ground.  Andrew Luck admits he has a lot of work to do, but he's looked pretty good on a bad team. 

The defense has been struggling too, as expected.  Vontae Davis, who the Colts gave up a second round pick to bring in, has struggled terribly in the first two games giving up 144 yards on 10 catches and two TD's.  I'm sure the Colts expected much more out of him after giving up such a high draft pick.

The Colts have struggled against the Jaguars, going 1-4 at home against the spread in the last five games.  They are three point favorites this Sunday, so this doesn't bode well for their chances.  The Colts are a much different team than they have been the past few years, but the Jags are still similar to what they've been.  It's going to be a low scoring match up, and I expect it to come down to the wire again. 

Final Score: Colts 17 Jaguars 13